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By Sharyl Mayhew
Published: August 30, 2011

Greg Swieter was hired in 2006 as a kennel assistant, he worked seasonally during breaks from college classes and during holidays.
He was a pleasant and competent assistant and quickly earned new responsibilities and duties as his training progressed. He learned how we valued quality care and client satisfaction at UVC and was a valuable addition to our staff. During his undergraduate courses at Virginia Tech, he shared with us that he wanted to someday become a Veterinarian and in due time applied and was accepted to the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine at Virginia Tech (VMRCVM) program.
This year we happily welcomed Greg back to our hospital to complete his externship in his fourth year of vet school. Greg has fit seamlessly back into our family, he knows our clinic and our clients and is willing and able to work hard to help the animals and their owners as well as the rest of the staff.
We have jokingly referred to "raising our own puppy veterinarians" as a training system with staff members who are interested in pursuing a degree in veterinary medicine. Our staff is proud of our team and always supportive when a member wants to learn and advance in our industry. We are enjoying the time we are spending with Greg during his externship and we are learning from him at the same time that we are teaching him more about being a veterinarian with VCA.
We appreciate that VMRCVM at Virginia Tech has agreed to let us borrow Greg during this externship and we are making the most of his time here. He will be "Doctor Swieter" in just a matter of months and we know the veterinary community will continue to benefit from his knowledge, skill and good nature. We are pleased that we could be part of his auspicious start in this challenging and exciting field.