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By Dr. Swieter
Published: May 30, 2014

Jessie Vernoski is a 10 year old Domestic Shorthair cat who came to see Dr. Swieter in February because her nose was looking “blood red”. Dr. Swieter recommended taking a biopsy of her nose during anesthesia for an upcoming dental cleaning. The biopsy was performed and Jessie was diagnosed with Fibrosarcoma, a type of cancer that can be very aggressive but does not often spread to other organs.

Jessie was referred to VCA SouthPaws for a CT scan to ensure that the fibrosarcoma could be removed surgically and that it had not spread too far into her nose.

In mid March, Jessie’s cancer was surgically removed by Dr. Gardner. The biopsy indicated a low grade fibrosarcoma and that there was over 90% certainty that all of the cancer was removed.

By two weeks after her surgery, Jessie was acting like herself again and was ready to travel to visit family for Easter. We are so happy with how well Jessie has done and are very proud of our little CHAMPION!

If you would like more information on Jessie, any of our previous Champions of the Month, or are concerned about a facial lesion on your pet, please contact our staff.