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By VCA University
Published: August 01, 2014

Boss Lindsey was just a 4 month old puppy on May 21st when he came in for vomiting, lethargy, and decreased appetite. Although he loves to get into things, his x-rays were negative for an obstruction in his stomach or intestines. However, the specialist that reviews our x-rays noted that the edges of Boss’ lungs that were visible did not look healthy. We then took chest x-rays and found Boss had pneumonia from inhaling some of his vomit after getting sick.

We treated Boss as an outpatient for his vomiting and put him on antibiotics to try and treat the pneumonia at home with instructions to return if Boss wasn’t improving. By 5/24/14 he was not better and was sent to VCA SouthPaws for intensive care. Boss was put in an oxygen cage overnight to help him breathe easier and started on IV fluids and medications. After spending 48 hours in the intensive care unit, Boss was starting to feel better and was sent home with medications, including multiple antibiotics. His puppy parents, Troy and Josi, were also given instructions for coupage, the act of “clapping” both sides of Boss’ chest to help him clear the mucus in his lungs, 4 times a day.

One week after being released from the ICU at VCA SouthPaws, Boss came in to see us for a recheck. Boss was much improved, both clinically and on the x-rays, so his owners were instructed to continue on the same protocol until his next checkup.

At Boss’ most recent check up on 7/1/14, he was doing great. His x-rays showed some scarring to his lungs, but the pneumonia was finally all gone! Boss has already been through a lot, but he’s come out on top which is why we’re so proud of him, OUR ADORABLE CHAMPION!

If you would like more information about Boss's case, any of our previous Champions of the Month, or anything else relating to your pet's health, please contact our knowledgeable staff at 703-385-1054.