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By Sharyl Mayhew
Published: June 12, 2012

As you may have seen on the news or read in the paper, our area is under an alert to be aware of ticks and tick borne diseases. Lyme disease in particular is pandemic in the Mid-Atlantic and throughout the US. This year we have had weather that is comfortable for ticks and we have seen their numbers grow dramatically. The more ticks there are to get on us and our pets, the more disease we will see.

We have the best tick preventatives available, please call us so we can discuss what product is best for your pet..

We routinely test dogs for common tick diseases. You may have noticed that when your dog has his or her yearly blood test for Heartworms the test includes screening for Lyme, Ehrlichia and Anaplasmosis. These are all diseases spread by ticks. We can tell from the results of these tests if your dog has been exposed and is producing a response to any of these diseases in the blood stream. We can also tell if the vaccine for Lyme disease has been given to your dog and that it is working.

We can test your dog at anytime if he or she is showing any symptoms of tick diseases or if you have seen ticks on your pet or in the environment. Symptoms of tick borne diseases are varied and sometimes missed because they mimic so many other problems. We aggressively search for answer to why your pet may have symptoms such as a fever, lameness or pain in the joint(s), neurological difficulties, bruising or bleeding without any trauma and general malaise.

We want to make sure your pet is protected against these diseases and if exposed to ticks, treated promptly. Call us with any questions, anytime, we are here to help you.