Boarding Information

We board dogs and cats as a service to our clients on a reservation basis only. Any animal that has not previously been seen by the doctor needs to be scheduled for an examination to establish a medical history so we can better care for your pet during their stay. Every boarding pet receives an evaluation by the doctor, a printed copy of these findings and any suggestions for future care or treatment is provided to you upon release.

Each pet is kept in an individual space, walked outside at least two times daily (except cats) during which time his or her area is washed and disinfected. All pets are fed Science Diet pet food daily unless otherwise instructed. Should a medical problem become apparent while your pet is boarding with us, it will be treated. Please be sure to leave an emergency phone number at which we can contact you in the unlikely event that it would become necessary. All boarders must have proof of current immunizations, or they will be updated while at our hospital. Animals will be released during regular office hours.

The required vaccines are:
Canine Influenza


Our boarding charges are based on weight for dogs and a flat fee for cats. We charge by the night for all animals staying with us. Please call for a specific quote for your companion.