VCA University Animal Hospital Testimonials

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-Amber Hurtz from Dallas, TX

I love bringing my pet here! The staff is awesome and love my pet! Rachel, Becky and Voncia (receptionist) are always helpful, friendly and always greet Alucard & I with smiles and treats! Dr. Davis is so good with him and the techs are great! A+ team!!!

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-Cherry Dole from Dallas, TX

My pets Lestant, Arman, & Akasha are always happy to go see the vet. We are welcomed by treats, smiles, and warm friendly faces. I am always well informed on the latest treatments and medications. Dr. Cleghorn, Mike, and Becky are great!! The entire team never cease to amaze me!!


-Marilyn Reed from Dallas, TX
Pet Name: Maggie, Isabella and Gabriella, Thelma

We just moved to the area and I was apprehensive about finding a new vet. I tried them out on just check ups as I have an elderly black lab, two boxer puppies and a cat. They caught a dental disease in my black lab so I decided to give them a try. I had the puppies spayed and my lab had dental surgery. They are very thorough, very personable, and they love my pets (as well as everyone's)!! They called a few times to check up on them. Then one of the puppies got stung by a bee, her whole face swelled up and her throat was swelling up. As soon as they saw her, they all went into high gear to get her taken care of. They seem to really love what they do and they love the animals. They are courteous and very knowledgeable. I would recommend them to everyone.

Excellent service

-Thomas Engh from Geilo. Norway, TX
Pet Name: Avalanche and Thunderstorm

I will say thank you!!!
Thank you DR Nicole Davis for the excellent service with the export of Avalanche and Thunderstorm. They are now in my home in Norway and everything have been going very well!!!
Best regards from Thomas, Avalanche and Thunderstorm.

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Wonderful Caring Staff

-Alexia T from Dallas, TX
Pet Name: Squirt

The doctors and staff at VCA University are phenomenal! They have been there for me and my dogs for years. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a great vet.

Great place with even better poeple

-Chad Cole from Dallas, TX
Pet Name: Ank-Tzu Namun (Ani, pronounced aww-knee).

I have been bringing my pet child to VCA hospitals since she was nine weeks old. I hated leaving VCA Old Town, the original VCA hospital that I went to when I lived in Washington DC. I moved to Dallas in order to be closer to my human family and was thrilled when I found out there was a VCA hospital just blocks away from where I live. Everyone there is great and always remember my name and my pet's name. Highly recommend them. If I trust them with my baby, you can too.

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Great, Thorough Care and Service

-Joni Padron from Dallas, TX
Pet Name: Libby

I adopted my cat from the local SPCA a couple of years ago. Within a couple of days, she started sneezing. I initially brought her to a Vet close to my home, who recommended an over-the-counter med. When that didn't solve the problem, I brought her to VCA on University. They were warm and friendly, and Dr. Curry was amazing. She said I could administer the treatment, or she could give Libby a shot. She recommended that she be the 'bad guy' as Libby was new to me. It worked. I loved how she positioned the treatment. And I've been back to her ever since!