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-Merle K Brown from Kendall Park, NJ
Pet Name: Hershey Nyla Lillie Piper

Twin Rivers is the best place to go for truly exceptional care for your pets. In the past 40 years we have been to a few. Have now found the best.

Best Pet Care

-Susan Page from Monroe Township, NJ
Pet Name: Rocky, Bubba and Cleo

Thank you to Dr. Shapley and Dr. Parker and Staff for taking care of Cleo. Your doctors and staff are the best!

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More than just another pet...

-Luke Fraser from Hightstown, NJ
Pet Name: Maverick Fraser

My wife and I have been bringing our miniature pinscher, Maverick, to Twin Rivers Animal Hospital for quite some time now. Each time we leave we're compelled to comment to one-another about how unusually exceptional the care is at this facility. To be more specific, we feel like Dr. Meredith Schepp treats Maverick as if she were her own pet. To my wife and me, this is extremely valuable. We can tell that she loves her work and genuinely loves the animals under her care. In addition, the veterinary assistants are gentle, patient and knowledgeable and we couldn't be happier with the service we receive at this facility. One last thing...each day after we bring Maverick in for a visit, we can count on a follow up call from the receptionists who are always ready to listen to how our experience was the day prior. No, I'm not being paid to write this review, and no, I don't have a friend or family member working at this facility. My wife and I just feel like good customer service is so rare these days that when we find a company that gets it right, it ought to be celebrated. Gratefully, Luke, Ashlee, Payton, Logan and of course, Maverick


-Jodi brown from Millstone township, NJ
Pet Name: Trevor

Trevor is my 16 year old cocker spaniel who has just completed 4 sessions of acupuncture with Dr. Shapley. Trevor has a lot of issues including severe arthritis and muscle atrophy in his hind legs which leaves him unable to walk on his own. He is also urinary incontinent and suffers from canine cognitive disorder. Trevor is so full of love and life and I would try anything to make him comfortable for as long as I can. Dr. Shapley and the staff at Twin Rivers have made Trevor feel a part of the family there. They are always happy to see him and give him so much love! Dr. Shapley was the first veterinarian that would listen to me regarding Trevor's cognitive disorder and has helped us tremendously. He takes meds that have helped him become less confused. Next step was to help Trevor live more comfortably which is why Dr. Shapley suggested acupuncture. After Trevor's first session, I began to see some improvement. After a few days I noticed his diapers were dry and he would stand on his own when we would go for (supported) walks which he has not done in almost a year! He also runs more in his sleep with his hind legs in almost full motion! Last night I noticed our biggest stride yet, he tried to get up on his own and walk!! Everyone thinks I'm crazy to take my Trevor for acupuncture, but its worth any comfort I can give my little buddy! I know Trevor will probably never walk again on his own, but seeing him trying again shows me he is not in pain and that makes me happy! We will continue to try more acupuncture and see where the journey takes us!