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Published: May 18, 2011

An animal shelter in Sandpoint, Idaho, recently received a concerning phone call about an excess of cats living in a woman's home nearby. When the workers of the shelter arrived at the house, they found 30 healthy Siamese felines living in the woman's house, according to the Bonner County Daily Bee.

The woman, who is considered to be a hoarder, was originally a breeder but did not feel that her cats were perfect enough to sell. However, she made sure that these felines remained healthy, the media outlet reports.

"A lot of the time with hoarding cases, [the owner] gets so caught up in their love for the animal that they don’t realize a cat is sick," the shelter's executive director, Mandy Evans, told the news source. "That wasn’t the case here."

The cats will be removed from the woman's home and will be up for adoption once they receive the proper vaccinations and are spayed or neutered.

According to the Idaho-based news channel KHQ-TV, the shelter will care for 26 of the 30 furry friends.