VCA Turco Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Story of My Porkchop

-Cathy Tackling from Pawcatuck, CT
Pet Name: Porkchop

Last week my Bassett hound was throwing up her food, would not drink, had trouble walking, was in pain - I called VCA Turco Animal Hospital at the urging of my neighbor who brings her animals there. I am so happy I made this phone call. They had me bring Porkchop right in and for the past 5 days Dr. Hayden and the staff of Turco Animal Hospital have devoted an awful lot of time to seeing that my girl gets well. She has been diagnosed with Lyme Disease and she also is having some problems walking (maybe due to a disc problem). I am so very impressed as to how much information I am being provided with and the attention my dog is getting. We are not through the woods and I am sure we have a long road ahead - but to feel like my dog is being taken care of so well really adds to my peace of mind.

Should have never left

-John Dalton from Westerly, RI

We left Turco's a few years ago because basically without Turco primarily running the place anymore and missing his outstanding care, we thought we would find another local vet clinic and save a little money as the prices went up significantly.

Having said that, I had to put down my dog tonight for something that most likely would've gotten picked up my Turco's and the staff there. My dog had to suffer for 3-6 months for something that should've gotten diagnosed based on symptoms we discussed up at Ocean State.

After this, I truly wish I had never left because the overall care of my dogs dwindled as a result of not getting the truly professional care I got there.

This is a mistake I will not make again when I am ready to have a dog again.

Thank you Dr. Turco for the years of good care I received. Those were the best years of my dogs lives.

Dog Poisoning

-Bob McCann from Westerly, RI
Pet Name: Hazel

My 2 yr old Boykin Spaniel ingested rat poison. Dr. Gilbert and her team did a perfect job tending to Hazel (and her owner). They were professional throughout the treatment, kept me informed every couple of hours and followed up several days later to see how the dog was feeling.

I am so impressed with this hospital and staff.


-Barbara Nardone from Westerly, RI
Pet Name: Honey

Last night Honey joined her new family and home. When she was about 1-2 weeks old, Honey was thankfully brought to VCA Turco by a good soul who found her. She had an infected eye that ultimately Dr. Turco had to remove, out of the generosity of his heart and deep care for animals. Kristen began fostering Honey and then Casey took Honey on, taking her with her 24/7 so that Honey could eat as needed and gain weight. She welcomed her into her home and taught her to use a litter box. Honey weighs a whopping 1.3 pounds and is thriving! While Honey was a VCA Turco, Dr. Moore and Dr. Gilbert also cared for her, making sure that Honey got a great start. To the vets and the techs at VCA Turco what they did for Honey is "no big deal". This is what they do for anaimals in need. Honey received the same quality of care and extent of care that all who go to Turco receive. I was blessed to meet Honey and be able to offer her a forever home. I have been equally blessed to be a client at VCA Turco and to have care for my kitties that is beyond words. Our community is truly blessed to have such caring, giving vets and techs!