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Hands down the best care. We found the perfect vet

-Joyce from Garner, NC
Pet Name: Roan

In June, my husband surprised me with a new kitten and the search for a vet begun. We were looking for a vet that would do the unconventional 4 paw declaw. After 2 false starts with 2 other vet practices, (not to mention interviews with approx. 10 vets), I found VCA. I remembered VCA animal hospitals from when I lived in NJ, so I gave them a call. I explained the frustration I had with previous vets, my time frame restrictions and explained what surgical needs we wanted and asked if they were able to help us. No question, they were not only able to help, but we had an appointment in 24 hours. And the people there who took care of us! OMG, you will not find better. David, who helped set up the appointment was open, warm and so understanding. Nikki and Pam are so caring and efficient. Their warm, friendly personalities greet you and immediately you know you are in the right place. Then there is Joanne and Adam--you can see how they love what they do. Our cat was at ease in their hands. And then there is Dr. MacKay--you will not find better. She is warm and caring and you see the passion she has for her patients and her patients parents (us). Our cat did very well through the surgery, but had a hard time with the anesthesia. Dr. MacKay, to ensure Roan had the best care, asked if she can take him home with her so she could watch him overnight. Who does that? I can say after interviewing 10 different vets, none except Dr. MacKay. She got up in the middle of the night to check on him and even hold him for over an hour to ensure he felt loved and safe. When we picked him up the next day, he looked great. We were sent home with all of the medications and instructions we needed for his follow up care. It was amazing. This is a practice who is there for you and your pet. We drive over 25 minutes and pass at least 5 other vets to see Dr. MacKay at VCA and we find it a drive well deserved.


-the cat lady from garner, NC
Pet Name: many cat

I have been a client for 8 yrs. with all my cats i frequently visit vca. with the friendly staff and great doctors i will never go to another vet. the sweet girl at the front, i want to say her name is nikki is awesome. when i enter the door her bright and smiling face is there and ready to help me. i even seen her at the grocery store helping an older lady reach some food at the top shelf. right then and there i realize that the staff at vca are not just nice and helpful because its their job. they are just nice and friendly people period. joanna, adam and david are what i call kitty angels. they are ready to give an helping hand no matter what. they are very knowledgeable about different things when it comes to cats and dogs and will take the time no matter how long it take to explain everything you need to know and want to know. thanks for being there for me and my babies. And the doctors angels sent from heaven to take care of the animals.

So Awesome

-Holly Atkins from Knightdale, NC
Pet Name: Murphy, Fez and Curly

I have been bringing my pets here for YEARS and they have always been so nice and so caring for them!! From the front desk staff to the vet techs and the vets themselves everyone really loves working there. I always end up seeing Dr. McKay and she is beyond intelligent! She knows her stuff and also gives you such great advice on problems you might be having. I have a vet office closer to my home but I am never going anywhere else.

Pet Image


-Lindsey and Dan Dumont from Raleigh, NC
Pet Name: Oliver the welsh terrier

I have a 12+ yr old welsh terrier who is now going on 2! Thanks to the amazing staff at VCA! We previously only visited for regular check ups and shots, but Oliver started to have some scary problems last year... Now, people don't even believe he's really as ill as he is! He's THAT happy and playful! And that is in large part thanks to the amazing staff here! They know my pup by name (in fact I usually just have to say "I'm Oliver's mom" when I call....). I know that no matter what, we have a team of people that will help us to make the best possible decisions regarding Oliver's care. And those decisions are never easy with an older pet. Bottom line with his vets is "what does this do for his quality of life?" If we can improve it, then we do it, but if we can't possibly do more than what we're doing now, and whatever procedure will be stressful and/or painful for Oliver, we don't do it. And everyone there devotes just as much time to us pet-parents so that we are able to provide the best care at home too! Long term happiness is the priority! Whenever I call and have a question, no matter what it is about, I get a call back from the vets. We even get follow up calls from the staff to see how Oliver is doing. I can't imagine that we'd get better care anywhere. The staff treat him like he is THEIR dog. Apart of THEIR family... and I couldn't ask for more!

First Visit

-Myrtle Mangum from Raleigh, NC
Pet Name: Billie Boots Holiday

I have been adopted by a cat. Today I took here to have a checkup and shots. This was my first visit to VCA Triangle Tower Hospital. All the staff was great. Very caring. Took time to learn all about Boots. I was very happy I choose to go to them. It was a great experience.

We love Dr. G!

-Allison Y. from Raleigh, NC
Pet Name: Lilly

We absolutely love VCA, Dr.G, and the staff! They all truly feel like family. We know that our fur babies are in good hands and will be well taken care of. They are always happy to answer any questions, they make sure that we know our options, and they are never rushed with us. 28 years and we still receive the same great service we received when we started going there. We couldn't be happier!

Clients for 20 years!

-Barbara C. from Raleigh, NC
Pet Name: Regina Rose

My daughter and I have been bringing our dogs to VCA Triangle Tower Animal Hospital since we moved to Raleigh in 1992, and we could not be happier with the love and care that the veterinarians and staff have shown to our family...canine and two-legged! Since we first moved to Raleigh, we've moved further west in the city, but it has always been worth the extra drive time to get to Corporation Parkway to see, in particular, Dr. Ghiloni (aka Dr. G). We talk about him and the warm, welcoming, knowlegable vet techs and receptionists there as if they are a part of our family.

Walk-In Visit

-Melinda Piercy from Raleigh, NC
Pet Name: Abbey

I was from out of town and a friend recommended VCA in Raleigh! My dog was very sick and I didn't have an appointment. I walked in and they saw me right away! Loved the attention the tech and the vet get my dog and me!!! Highly recommend these guys for any pet needs!