• Hospital Manager

    Carrol Frischkorn

    Since I began walking, animals have been my “go to” whenever the opportunity presents itself. Whether chasing a cat under the steps of our flat when I was 2, hugging a bunny, or giving kisses to my puppy Cuddles, I have always been drawn to animals.  They love unconditionally and with their entire heart.  How unbelievably lucky I am to have the opportunity to work (if you must call it that) with them every day. Though I have spent most of my career in human medicine, I am so very thank full that the past 8 years have been with VCA Tri-County Animal Hospital. I get to spend my days with an exceptionally well trained and compassionate team of doctors, clinicians, and support team and, unlike in human medicine, the patients never complain about the food!

  • Assistant Manager

    Kirsten Rossi

    I truly enjoy coming to work-though I don't ever call it "work". Awhile back I fell in love with the medicine and have always thrived on knowledge. This atmosphere allows for a person to constantly learn and grow; I am delighted I now help facilitate just that. As many people in the field, I have always loved animals-so much so it has been told to me my smile is never greater than when I am with one of my pups, my cat, my horse, or even someone else's pet. I am an advocate for our furry family members and always hold a promise to do everything I can to help them.