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  • Max

    -Juanita Davis from Albuquerque, NM

    Pet Image Dr. John Fuller and staff were the best - Our dog Max only had the opportunity to visit with them during his last years but looked forward to his visits there and always had great care. I would recommend them for any service.

  • Puppy sent from heaven

    -Abbey Lane from Albuquerque, NM
    Pet Name: Abbey Lane

    Pet Image Puppy sent from heaven, Abbey Lane. Thank you Dr. Leonard for saving my life, my husband and Heidi Ho. We love our little Yorkie. Your clinic has compassion, caring and kindness. And what excellent care you give to your patients. Thank you again for our little bit of heaven. She will receive love, and a good home and she goes with us where we go. She is always with us. Thank you again. Jenny and Royce

  • Remarkable Surgery Recovery

    -Timothy and Deborah Stratman from Corrales, NM
    Pet Name: Steward, Daisy, Gabby

    Our 3 Collies had surgeries over the last 5 months. Dr. Kincaid removed 2 lumps under Stew’s breastbone on each front leg. Dr. Kincaide had to go under his fat and muscle layers to get complete extractions, which extended deeply into his body. It was a very difficult surgery for them both. Amazingly, she was able to not only get drains in his surgery site, they stayed clear and in place with no irritation during the times they remained, which were contributing factors to no infections or bleeding. Stew had hardly any bruising or swelling from this surgery which was traumatic to his chest and no complications up to the time of his stitch removal. Then Dr. Leonard performed a mastectomy on Gab after Stew's surgery. This too turned into a complicated surgery for both. Her lump was found to have grown invasive into her skin layers. But Dr. Leonard was able to get it all without taking the outer layer of skin off so Gab was able to have her surgery area covered without additional surgery later on. Her stitches from her mastectomy would have looked like snowflakes had they been white in color. Gab was spayed too. You'd not known she was spayed as you could hardly see any incision for that. Gab didn’t have any bruising, swelling or infections in her incision areas. Then Daisy had a spay done. Again, no complications at all. Lastly, Gab developed another lump in on the other side of her body and a broken tooth, which Dr. Leonard once again did surgeries on with the same great results in Gab’s healing. Dr. Leonard and Dr. Kincaide understood that the collie breed can be sensitive to anesthetic in a way other breeds are not. All dogs did well while under and were watched very closely as they came out from under it's effects by the staff. Dr. Leonard and Dr. Kincaide both were very concerned that all 3 dogs not be stressed with discomfort and pain afterward. Pain meds were sent home with us so the dogs could recover at their best. All dogs rested well, showed no pain when awake and ate well during the time before their stitches were removed. Of course we bothered the staff excessively. As always though, they treated our concerns as theirs, and we knew our collies were as important to them, as they were to us. If you've had a pet that has had surgery, you'll understand how amazing it's been to have our dogs do so well after such surgeries. Today, unless you knew where their incisions were, you wouldn’t ever know they had had surgeries just 5 months ago. They are flat and we can touch them with no sensitivity or tenderness reactions from the dogs. We give the credit to the skills and understanding of Dr. Carolyn Kincaide and Dr. Hannah Leonard. They called us personally several times to check in on the dogs. They take care of every animal that walks in the door there like this. Our New Year was extra thankful this year because of VCA Town and Country Animal Hospital. The Stratman Family, clients of 9 years with VCA Town and Country doctors

  • Why You Should Bring Your Pet Family Here

    -Timothy and Deborah Stratman from Corrales, NM
    Pet Name: Stratman Family Pets

    We humans become parent to our pets, even with knowing their lives are all too short. And over our 7 years with VCA Town and Country Animal Hospital at 8414 4th Street Northwest  Los Ranchos, NM 87114, the humans have continued to brighten and bring such a good quality of life to our family, to us as our pets parents, but most importantly to us, they do this first for our family of pets. Because of this, they will stay in our hearts forever.

    7 years ago we transferred to New Mexico. Finding our newest pet doctor in our 35 years of travel is always our first priority. VCA Town and Country Animal Hospital was our 8th interview. And our last. Our pets told us Veterinarians Dr. John Heidrich was their choice for their care while we lived here! And they are never wrong. Over the years Veterinarians Dr. Hannah Leonard and Dr. Carolyn Kincaide came to join our pet family and today they their primary caretakers and medical providers. They love animals and understand and appreciate their pet client's families devotion to them.

    What is also exceptional about VCA Town and Country Animal Hospital is their staff. Normally, we have found that you can have extraordinary Veterinarians or Staff that excel in a Veterinary practice. At VCA Town and Country Animal Hospital they have both. Most of the staff today have become a part of our pet family when we first met them 7 years ago. Those who came after that time are just as warm and truly caring.

    This practice actively helps animals that are needing to be placed for adoptions, etc.. At times being a pet caretaker and provider can be dispiriting and hard work, for the pets, their humans and their medical providers. But the VCA Town and Country Animal Hospital veterinarians and staff have never let our pet or their families know that. We have only felt the feeling that they have considered it a privilege to have been chosen to be the ones there during the good and bad times in our pet's lives and that is it never taken for granted that you have chosen to bring your pet to them for the most important care in their lives.

    Time has passed quickly in our families time here in New Mexico. Our precious Maggie was given the kindest and most gentlest of deaths when it finally came from her because of this Veterinarian practice, not to mention the actual time Maggie's family felt this practice had given her. An additional 9 months of good life for us all so our good-byes were complete at her end of life. And it just seems like yesterday some of our new pets were chewing on our fingers at VCA Town and Country Animal Hospital. And now it's Veterinarians Dr. Kincaide and Dr. Leonard who are helping us take these pets into their middle age to a very old age with grace and dignity. Our stories are many. And we won't take up your valuable time with them as we could tell you about our pet stories all day long! But we will tell you this one quickly. Dr. Kincaide and Dr. Leonard's recent help with our Daisy, Maggie's daughter, with a mysterious medical condition, was worthy of any work you would receive for a human at the Mayo Clinic! And Daisy is well today because of that thoroughness. We would consider it a pleasure to talk with you and share our stories about the care received by our pets at VCA Town and Country Animal Hospital if you ever want to contact us.

    We won't live with many more pets. Today we are allowed to have this avenue to let other people know where we receive our pet care for our pets and why. We are taking this opportunity to tell you why we have chosen to continue with VCA Town and Country Animal Hospital after all these years and still recommend them to everyone we meet with pets. We have met many other fine Veterinarians in our time here in Albuquerque but our pets have never greeted any of them as they did and still do the VCA Town and Country Animal veterinarians and staff. And we respect their opinions, therefore, so that just says it all! Come meet these humans who give so much of themselves to their pet clients. You will be glad you did.


    Timothy and Deborah Stratman

  • Thank You Dr Williams from Kenobi

    -Erika Hannemann from Albuquerque, NM
    Pet Name: Kenobi

    Let me begin by saying thank you, again. I noticed last Friday morning that my 12 week old, 3lb Chihuahua, Kenobi, was showing parvo symptoms. I normally have another vet that I take my dogs to, but they couldn't be bothered with seeing him. I called VCA Town and Country and was given an appointment immediately. Dr Williams was able to make a quick diagnosis and get us started on the proper treatment. Through her guidance and advice, little Kenobi has pulled through and is well on his way to being the sweet happy puppy he has always been.

  • Dr. Hannah and Nena

    -Mollye Wilson from Albuquerque, NM
    Pet Name: Nena and Atlas

    I brought Nena, my lab/pitbull mix, to Dr. Hannah Leonard after the steroids for a stomach rash gave her a laundry list of problems including arthritis, stomach bleeding, excessive weight gain and fat lumps. On top of all that, her original rash hadn’t gone away. She could hardly walk and had turned into a cranky old lady at the age of six. Dr. Leonard was wonderful. She immediately started to wean Nena off the steroids and also to determine the cause of all her other problems. Dr. Leonard held my hand as we tackled one issue at a time on the long road to recovery. She was always available to listen to my concerns and provided me with excellent advice and medical care.
    It’s the little things. I now know what foods Nena likes and dislikes (her face says it all "Sweet potatoes are yucky!"), that she is allergic to beef and cheese, and that small walks everyday are better than long weekend walks. We just visited Dr. Leonard last week. It had been about a year since the lumps were removed and it has been the longest stretch of time that Nena has gone without a health issue. Dr. Leonard was just as happy as I was that Nena continues to be healthy. Nena will be ten this weekend and she now has a body that can keep up with her little girl heart and 'I can rule the world’ attitude. Thank you Dr. Leonard!

  • Loving care of all of our pets

    -Amy Harrison from Albuquerque, NM
    Pet Name: Lola, Blackjack, Max and Tia

    Dr. John Heidrich has been wonderful in caring for all of our pets--our dog Lola who has had many orthopaedic problems, our dog Blackjack who suffered from heart disease, and even our little sugar glider Tia who finally passed away at the very old age of 12 this year. He has shown the greatest respect to us as pet owners and he and his staff have helped us through the very painful process of saying goodbye when the time came. We're really glad we chose him and his clinic to care for our pets.

  • People I Trust

    -Shawna B. from Albuquerque, NM
    Pet Name: Judah

    I am always nervous taking my cockatiel in to a new vet, but everyone here assuaged those worries with quick speed when I first moved to Albuquerque! The staff is professional and has a lot of knowledge about parrots, and whenever I have to board Judah for a few days I can drive away knowing he's in good hands. Definitely one of the best veterinary experiences he or I have ever had!

  • Saying Goodbye

    -Julia Rivera from Corrales, NM
    Pet Name: Chewy, Rosie

    Today was the second time this year we've had to say goodbye to 2 of our beloved dogs. The staff at Town & Country; everyone from the people at the front desk, the assistants, and doctors, were wonderful. They showed true compassion needed at such a sad and difficult time. People who truly care are hard to find and thankfully we found them at Town & Country.

  • Dr. K. Duffin

    -Dee Lavallee from Albuquerque, NM
    Pet Name: Snert, Bubba and Andrew

    Just want you to know how much I appreciate the great service and attention Dr. Duffin has given me over the years. She is truly the best veterinarian I have had. My son, Dean, is a Veterinarian now and she was a awesome inspiration to him.
    Thanks Dr. Duffin--you are the greatest!!



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As part of the VCA family, we have over 83 specialty hospitals across the US and Canada which provide referral specialty care, so there may be one near you. Our specialized services include: behavior, cardiology, critical care, dentistry, dermatology, integrative medicine, internal medicine, neurology, oncology, ophthalmology, radiology, rehabilitation, reproduction, and surgery.

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