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Experience of a Lifetime

-Christiane from Toms River, NJ
Pet Name: Jude

This was my first visit with TRAH. I had always seen another Vet for my two dogs. My Jude was pregnant and I wasn't satisfied with my last visit for Jude with the vet that I had been seeing since Jude was 8 weeks old. I had made appt. with TRAH in advance for my boy Jack and Jude both. Little did I know I would be making an appt for Jude sooner than I had anticipated. First, I would like to say that even speaking on the phone making the appts for my angels... they were so patient with me explaining that Jude was pregnant and Jack was in need for his yearly shots. This was 2 days prior to having to making the call that my Jude was displaying signs of giving birth, but I was concerned it was too early for Jude to have them. They had the appt. ready for me to bring her in ... 45 mins from the time of my call. When I got there... and I was late mind you... They got Jude in the back and Dr. Reimer sat with me trying to figure out the correct date Jude got pregnant... after Easter... before Mother's Day... and there it was... it was perfect timing that Jude to be ready. Dr. Reimer was patient, caring and understanding. She then supported me by telling me what to expect ... what exactly to look for; unlike my last vet who made me feel like this happens all of the time and gave no words of wisdom. The comfort of knowing if I should need help was only one call away. It wasn't an hour later after leaving that I was making that call. Dr. Reimer got on the phone with me personally and gave me time lines of what to do... and made me feel so at ease so that I could be calm with Jude in this experience. Jude's sac was showing but there was no sight of the pup no sight of any contractions at all. I waited about an hour to see if anything would happen naturally... and yet made another call to Dr. Reimer when she had made the phone call back to me personally! I then brought Jude back and they took her right from my arms at that moment. Took x-rays and saw that my little girl had a baby in the canal. Needless to say... Dr. Reimer wanted Jude to have her babies at home with her loving parents, but it wasn't possible. The little boy was stuck in the birthing canal and it took 3 doctors to take him out of Jude and that a c- section was in need of the last 3 babies. I have to say, I have never felt so safe and in good hands for my once 1 baby... but now 5 babies. I have 4 beautiful puppies now that were saved by the hands of Dr. Reimer. I must also say that Christine who was right there for me with Dr. Reimer for me... shared my concerns and celebrated the joy of my children. I never once worried for Jude or the puppies. They all saved Jude's life and the life of my little boy CC for Close Call-thanks to Dr. Reimer naming him!!!! I also would like to add that Dr. Reimer then made a last call to me before she left the office to let me know all the pups had latched and that Jude was doing very well. Amazing love I felt from everyone there!

Compassion and Caring

-Kathy from Toms River, NJ

I would like to thank Dr. Bell and her staff at Toms River Animal Hospital for their compassion and caring yesterday when we had our dog Zoey euthanized. Although it was Saturday afternoon, they allowed us all the time we needed to say goodbye. They handled all the paperwork in the examination room so we wouldn't have to wait at the check out desk. Dr. Bell allowed us to leave by a side door, so we wouldn't have to walk past owners and their pets in the lobby while we were visibly upset. All of the doctors who treated Zoey for the last 12 years have been outstanding, especially Dr. Cordes, Dr. Ticktin, and Dr. Reimer. If we decide to get another pet, we will definitely become Toms River Animal Hospital customers again.

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Impressed with service

-Alyssa Storm-Gould from Toms River, NJ
Pet Name: Hali and Mystic Bear

I recently got married & was referred to TRAH by my vet up in East Brunswick. My husband's parents also came to you when they had his St. Bernard, Commodore. We acquired a new Samoyed puppy named Hali over 4th of July weekend. I have waited 7 years to get her from my breeder, as she is a show prospect & I wanted an exceptional female.
From the initial exam, I was made to feel comfortable. I was amazed at how Dr. Bell came in, sat down & allowed the puppy & my older Samoyed, Mystic (Bear) to smell her & get pets. I never felt rushed through or pushed out the door.
The next day, my puppy, Hali hurt her shoulder. The staff was excellent in getting us in. Dr. G. was wonderful & I felt the same full attention that I had received from Dr. Bell.
The third visit with Hali's shoulder was with Dr. Tiktin. I am so happy that she and the techs were able to get Hali's shoulder x-rayed without sedation. BRAVO!!! Thank God she seems to have only pulled a muscle & will recover.
The front desk staff & technicians were all wonderful and gave me their full attention. Having worked for a vet a few years ago, I am very impressed with how things are run at this hospital. I am very picky about where I bring my dogs, especially my new show pup.
Thank you for all your hard work and upholding excellent standards. I feel like I don't have to search for a vet like I have in the past.
Alyssa Storm-Gould

TRAH...our only choice

-Carol Cappello from Toms River, NJ

We have been clients of TRAH for 30 years. Dr. Richard Levine was our first lab's vet and we knew from our first visit, we would stay there for many years. Compassion, caring, honesty, never being rushed are just a few of the reasons we would never bring our pets anywhere else. We have had the pleasure of seeing all of the vets at one time or another and find them all the most caring and kind doctors. The past 12 plus years we have been seeing Dr. Ellis. Our second lab was her patient and Dr. Ellis cared for our Bailey with the utmost compassion that we could ever ask for. Maddy is her patient now, and we know she is in the best hands. Every staff member is efficient, kind, and patient. Dr. Ellis and her colleagues are second to none. TRAH is our only choice, and always will be. Thank you for all you do for so many animals and their families.....heartfelt love and gratitude to Dr. Ellis....

Loss of pet

-Samantha from Beachwood, NJ
Pet Name: Annie

Our pride and joy dog, Annie, was very old and one day took a turn for the worse. This was one of our hardest days, my children 21 and 17 don't remember not having Annie in the lives. Toms River Animal Hospital was awesome. Everyone there understood our pain, showed compassion and love to our baby girl. I highly recommend this hospital. They truly care about your animal and you. I cannot thank them enough for all they did for me and my children during this very sad time.


-Gina from Beachwood, NJ
Pet Name: Nala

Yesterday was our first visit to the TR Animal hospital. Unfortunately our Nala fell ill out of the blue. Between the staff who helped me make the appointment (of which I was very teary) to everyone there yesterday who helped us when she suddenly passed away, I just wanted to say THANK YOU! Dr. Gaddy & the staff were amazing. It was a very hard situation that was made easier due to everyone we came in contact with. You can tell that those who work there have a genuine love of animals and can relate to the bond that pets and their owners have. We will definitely be bringing our other dog Willis here from now on!! Thank you again.


-Amanda from Toms River, NJ
Pet Name: Nico and Annie

We put our dear 12 year old dog to rest here at this hospital not long ago. We had never been there before, and they treated us so well. They were understanding and even the vet was tearing up as we hugged our dog goodbye.

Now, our dog Nico has a blockage in his stomach. We prepared earlier today to say goodbye to our beloved dog--only 3 months after losing our other other four legged love. We couldn't afford to pay the whole thing, so Dr. Levine intervened. He said we have to give him a chance. He truly understands that Nico is our family member. He called a surgeon that said that yes, money would not get in the way of saving our dog.

No matter what happens today, my family and I are so, so thankful to the wonderful people at this hospital. They are so caring, and they love animals so much, that they do everything within their power to help you. We owe them so much for our dogs, to whom they've showed so much love and compassion.

We love Dr. Levine and TRAH

-Ern Glowacki from Farmingdale, NJ

Hands down, the best vet I've ever encountered. Compassionate, knowledgeable and goes above and beyond every single time! If I could take my kids to TRAH, I would! :)

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Thank you for your kindess

-Laura Smith from Toms River, NJ
Pet Name: Oreo

My almost 20 year old cat, Oreo had stopped eating a week or two before Hurricane Sandy hit. She got really bad right after Sandy and I made the hard decision to put her to sleep. The vet I had been taking her too, had not reopened yet so a friend gave me the number of Toms River Animal Hospital. I called on Friday and made an appointment for Saturday.

Everyone was just so nice and understanding from my first call to walking out afterwards. I cannot thank you enough for your help and kindness. I have already decided that when I get another cat, Toms River Animal Hospital is my new vet.

Thank you very much,

Thank you

-Barb from Toms River, NJ
Pet Name: Pepper

Just want to say that we have been using this group since 1975 -with many different pets-with many different health issues. We have always found kindness, professionalism and caring as well as a gentle touch for the shy ones. We love you guys!