Toms River Veterinary House Calls

Toms River Animal Hospital is excited to announce that we have added house calls, for cats and dogs, to our ever-growing list of services. Our house calls are performed by Dr. Suzanne Ellis and she will be servicing Toms River and the surrounding area. Dr. Ellis's house call schedule is limited to Mondays, and appointments need to be booked in advance. Please call the front desk at (732) 349-4599 for more information about scheduling your pet's appointment, and the services that may be provided in the comfort of your home. Please be advised that if a patient's illness/injury requires advanced diagnostic or hospitalization services, they will need to be scheduled for an appointment in our main office. Some of the many benefits of a house call appointment are: Convenience for our pet owners, less stress and anxiety for anxious pets (especially our cat patients), and no struggling to transport a pet that has difficulty getting around. If you're worried that your pet might be too nervous or excitable for Dr. Ellis to examine, put your fears to rest. Dr. Ellis travels with a technician who has decades of experience assisting our doctors with even the wiggliest of patients!