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Published: Oct 05, 2011

As October is Adopt-a-Dog Month, Santa Barbara County Animal Services is teaming up with Santa Barbara County Animal Care Foundation to offer free microchips for dogs that are adopted through any of the three county animal shelters, reports.

Throughout the month, the animal shelters will be giving owners the $40 microchip for free, as a way to both thank them for adopting and to ensure the new member of each family has the safety precaution in case it gets lost.

According to the publication, the theme of this years Adopt-a-Dog Month is to inform people on what exactly a rescue dog can bring to their lives. From gaining a running partner or a constant companion to reaping the mental health benefits a dog offers as a stress reducer, adopting a dog helps owners fill many voids in their lives.

Most adoptable dogs are in good pet health and are eager to find love. Aside from the microchipping, all dogs adopted through the three shelters leave neutered or spayed and are up to date on all of their vaccinations.

ASPCA reports that every year, between five and seven million animals enter shelters. With such high numbers, anyone thinking about getting a pet should be able to find one they will love that also needs a good home.