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Thank you

-Dayna-Rae from Thornton, CO
Pet Name: Yeti

Dr. Avon and the team at the Thornton, Colorado location (104th and Colorado Blvd) are amazing. Everyone in the office is incredibly welcoming and takes care of our Yeti. We have taken our furry family member to this hospital since we first fostered then shortly after adopted. Thank you for caring so much! I've attached a few pictures of her wonderful recovery after the dental procedure. She's doing great.

Wonderful group of people

-Heather from Westminster, CO
Pet Name: Willow, Snoops and Sophie

I moved here to Colorado in January 2011 and the team at VCA Thorton has cared for our three pets as if they were their own. Dr. Avon was a fabulous vet and Dr. Flemer is proving to be just as wonderful. Thank you to Erin, Mondona, Angie, Vivian and all the other wonderful team members at VCA Thorton.


-Demi david jody from Northglenn, CO
Pet Name: Brandy

Everybody there treated us with the utmost respect!! everyone was sensitive to not only brandy our dog's needs but ours as owners as well!! We definitely recommend VCA & We ALL thank you!!!
Brandy & The Alires Family

A Long Drive for a Good Reason

-sue hurwitz from denver, CO
Pet Name: Suzy Q, Molly and Gordy

Dr. Miller has cared for my dogs for close to 15 years at All Creatures Animal Hospital and VCA Park Hill. When she moved to Thornton (a great move for her) I was determined to follow her no matter what the inconvenience. That's how good she is and how I value her care, her friendship and her judgement of what needs to be done. Her surgical skills are well known. She is thoughtful, caring, professional and dedicated. What more you you ask for in the person who is caring for your pets. I wish we were granted the same good care from our own physicians. Although I don't care for the 25 mile drive, it is well worth it.

Also, the support staff also deserves kudos for their responsiveness and concern.

First rate service

-Bailey from Arvada, CO
Pet Name: Snoopy

I moved here from another state, and was specifically looking for a VCA Hospital. I found the staff at Thornton to be very knowledgeable and friendly. Whenever I have had any questions, they were more than happy to answer, with accurate information. Their pricing is fair, but competitive. I would definitely recommend them.

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-Jeanne from Thornton, CO
Pet Name: Yogi

We want to thank Dr. Miller, Dr. Fleming and the entire VCA Thornton staff for taking such good care of our Yogi Bear.

The minute you walk in the door you are met with a very friendly and compassionate staff. My granddaughter Alex and I love this place! When my Mom moves here next spring, I can now show her the right place to bring her pets when they need care.

Thank-you from the bottom of my heart for being honest with me about Yogi's situation and making my decision easier. We miss her dearly but we know we did the right thing. The cards you have sent to us meant so much and were truly comforting, it is so appreciated.

Thank You

-Mallory from Denver, CO
Pet Name: Riley

What a wonderful group of people! I don't think I will ever take my dog to any other vet. I expect people working in the veterinary field to be knowledgeable, which all the staff at VCA Thornton are. However, on a regular basis, the staff and doctors exceed any prior expectations I may have had of not only being knowledgeable, but friendly, caring and helpful. They take the time out of their day to call or check in, and they truly go the extra mile to make me and my dog feel comfortable, and informed. If you are looking for the best care for your pet, look no further. Thanks to everyone at VCA Thornton for all you do!

Impressed and highly recommended

-Doris from Lakewood, CO
Pet Name: Fritz

I took my Cairn all the way from Lakewood, as I have heard good things about this VCA hospital. The drive was worth it! I was welcomed by very friendly staff and my Cairn enjoyed all the attention he got, tail wagging throughout the visit! I received recommendations and counseling in regards to preventative care for my 5 year old Cairn, which I found very informative. I choose to go with the Leptospirosis vaccine, as our two dogs are outdoors, off-lead daily on long walks and this is a bacterial disease which transmits to humans. I was happy to see my invoice, as my first office visit was free, and so was the nail trimming...a job I really dislike! Thanks so much - we will be back!


-Chris and Mark from Aloha, OR
Pet Name: Farley

While visiting family in the Northglenn area, our little Lhasa got sick. Our clinic in Oregon is owned by VCA so we were so lucky to find VCA Thornton. The entire staff was welcoming and so very helpful with our little dog, Farley. Within a few days, after the medication, he was back to his ole self. Many thanks!

Mark and Chris
Aloha Oregon

Best Vet Experience Ever

-Kyle Blackburn from Thornton, CO
Pet Name: Bruno

Yesterday (Thursday 5/20) at 6pm I took my dog Bruno in to get his shots updated so that I would be able to board him this upcoming Memorial Day weekend. This was the first time I met with Dr. Pete DeTolve in person. Dr. Pete was by far the single greatest veterinarian who I have ever had the pleasure of taking my dog to. He asked me questions regarding the day to day activity and lifestyle of my dog Bruno (who suffers from two torn ACL injuries in his back legs), and most importantly he made me feel comfortable telling him the truth about what I do in an effort to help Bruno and what Bruno is capable of doing on his own. Previously when I had spoken with other vets about this injury I felt as though I was being judged for being unable to afford the suggested surgical procedure that they recommended for Bruno, however that was not the case with Dr. Pete. Dr. Pete listened to me, offered advice and alternative options, other than surgery, to improve Bruno's day to day life. Most importantly to me, he made me feel as though he respected the relationship I have with my best friend, Bruno, and made me feel as though I was a good pet owner. While Dr. Pete was explaining pet insurance options, pain treatment options, medication options and their individual benefits/potential side effects, and providing me information on a CARE plan, offered by the VCA Thornton vet center, that would allow me to pay on a monthly basis for Bruno's vet needs, rather than having large payments each time I bring him in. Dr. Pete got two extremely helpful, gentle, and kind vet techs to come in and trim Bruno's nails (something that I was absolutely baffled by how willingly Bruno allowed them to do). If nothing else had happened the entire vet visit, this would have been enough to make me continue to come back, as the simple fact is...Bruno does not like getting his nails trimmed...and the ability of these vet techs to keep him calm and perform this service with absolutely no issues was astounding. I plan on moving in the near future, but I am certain that I will continue to come back to see Dr. Pete for all future vet visits. I cannot thank the entire staff enough. YOU GUYS ARE ALL SIMPLY AMAZING!