Kit Hunsberger, DVM, Associate Veterinarian

DVM, Texas A&M University


Dr. Hunsberger was born in Japan and grew up all over the country in a Navy family before they settled in Texas while she was in high school when her dad retired from active duty.  She first knew she wanted to be a vet when she was only 5 years old, a goal that became cemented during her years at her first veterinary job as a kennel assistant at a clinic in Round Rock, north of Austin.  When it was time for college, she headed to Texas A&M University to major in Biomedical Science. She graduated with honors at the end of fall ’99 and was accepted to start at the College of Veterinary Medicine there at Texas A&M the following fall.  After graduation, she headed to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, where she worked in very diverse clinical settings in small animal practice that gave her sound experience about how to best practice medicine to the benefit of her patients and clients under any circumstances. In summer of 2012, she relocated to San Antonio.  Her areas of special interest are internal medicine, wellness care, dentistry, and ophthalmology.   Dr. H. lives with her two rescue dogs Badger, an Australian shepherd mix, and Kitsune (pronounced KEETS-nay), a Shiba Inu affectionately known as her “pirate dog” due to a permanent squint and slightly short leg after healing from being hit by a car before rescued.  She is very excited to be back in Colorado after over 25 years away, as she loves everything the outdoors here and in the mountains offers. Outside of work, she spends her time indulging her love of movies and music, exploring around the city and rest of the state, and (in the fall at least) cheering for Texas Aggie football (gig ‘em!).