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Published: Jun 30, 2011

Independence Day is this Monday, and this weekend will be filled with people in red, white and blue at fireworks displays and barbecues. Many pet owners would love their pooch to be included in the weekend's festivities, however, there are some safety precautions owners should take into account before doing so, according to the Seattle Times.

It is common for dogs to get startled around loud noises, and they can cause them to get worked up and scared. Therefore, it is a not a good idea to bring them to a public firework display because they will most likely find no enjoyment in it, according to the news source.

Keeping pets inside the house may be the best way to go. If grilling at home is what the plan is for the Fourth, do not feed a furry friend any scraps because some foods can be detrimental to the canine's health, the media outlet reports.

The ASPCA suggest a couple more tips including not putting sunscreen or bug repellent on a pooch unless it specifies that it can be used on animals. Also, do not put glow-in-the-dark jewelry on a dog because the substance in these items can be very toxic to these animals.