Veterinary Support

  • Veterinary Assistant

    Stephanie G.

    Stephanie has been with VCA Telge Road Animal Hospital since April of 2008.  She has since graduated with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Biomedical Science from Texas A&M University.  She is currently working toward her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree at Texas A&M and will graduate in the spring of 2017.  She has four cats:  Spooky, Pepper, Bert, and Ernie.

  • Veterinary Assistant

    Britnee R.

    Britnee joined the VCA Telge team in December of 2014.  She attended Pima Medical Institute, where she maintained a 4.0 GPA to become a Certified Veterinary Assistant.  Britnee is continuing her education to obtain licensure as a Veterinary Technician.  Britnee has dreamt of working in the veterinary field since she was a child.  After raising kids for 8 years and saving a litter of 9 puppies from parvo, she realized what she was meant to do.  Britnee has 3 children she is crazy about.  All of her free time is devoted to them and her 2 rescue pets, Kalli and Walter.  When you meet Britnee, you will quickly see her love for all animals and the passion she has in providing care to each one.

  • Veterinary Assistant

    Brittni S.

    Brittni joind our team in August of 2013.  She graduated in 2013 from the Veterinary Institute of Houston where she received her Associates of Applied Science degree.  She has one dog, a Pitbull, as well as two cats.

  • Veterinary Assistant

    Candice S.

    Candice has 28 years of expereince as a Veterinary Assistant.  She joined the VCA family in 2014.  Candice has two beagles, Allie and Baylee, that run her household!  She enjoys spending time in her back yard maintaining her garden and pool.

  • Veterinary Assistant

    Robyn S.

    Robyn has been with VCA Telge Road Animal Hospital since April 2013.  She graduated from Texas A&M University with a B.S. in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences with an emphasis on animal behavior.  She shares her life with 2 dogs and a cat.  German Shepherds are her favorite breed and she is ALWAYS so happy to see them at the hospital!