Client Services

  • Receptionist

    Leyda C.

    Leyda has been working in the restaurant business for the past 8 years.  She had become bored with it and wanted to challenge herself.  Years ago her dachshund puppy, Killer,  became very ill and she brought him to VCA.  After treatment he got better and to this day, he is going strong and full of energy.  He has been a huge influence in her life and she thought if she worked at a pet hospital, she could help other pets.  Leyda is looking forward to learning all about veterinary medicine!

  • Receptionist

    Susie G.

    Susie moved here to the Cypress area with her family in 1997 from Victoria, TX.  Along with her husband, Dwayne, and sons, Jordan and Conner, they all have a passionate love for all pets and their well-being.  She has two dogs; a beagle named Daisy and a long haired miniature dachshund named Little bit. Her fur babies really light up her and her families  days with laughter and create fun memories they all cherish.  They all love them dearly!  She has been enjoying meeting all of Telge Road's wonderful clients and patients.  She especially likes to look into the eyes of our patients as they walk into the hospital.  As it has been said that eyes are the windows to ones soul, she enjoys seeing the emotions, intellect, will and affections expressed from these pets beautiful eyes!  She looks forward to learning and growing here at VCA Telge Road Animal Hospital.  She is proud to work with a team that she has seen provide compassionate and thorough care to the patients and excellent service to the clientele!

  • Receptionist

    Laura M.

    Growing up in a non-pet home due to 8 mouths to feed, it was Laura's husband who exposed her to the joy of pet ownership.  While dating he adopted their  first beagle, Bailey.  At age 6 they decided that Bailey needed a sibling and adopted their second beagle, Megan.  They enjoyed 16 years before making the quality of life choice for Bailey.  A year and a half later they adopted their third beagle, Mylee, from Houston Beagle Rescue.  Soon after Megan's 16th birthday, medical issues required them to make the second quality of life choice.  Months later they made the choice to adopt another beagle from Houston Beagle Rescue.  The plan was to only adopt a puppy but there were two sisters and they could not break them up.  Now they are on their fourth and fifth beagles, Rosy and Sofie.

    When her and her husband moved to Cypress 13 years ago they had to find a new vet. They found Dr. Battistini.  As a client they found a caring Vet who provided the best care possible.  Always informing them of the best options they could give their pets and who cared about their four legged family members.  Due to career changes Laura found herself in need of working for a company who cared about its employees and was fortunate enough to be hired by VCA Telge Road Animal Hospital.  She has been with the company for 9 years and has loved it every since.