Cypress Pet Grooming & Boarding

  • Kennel Assistant

    Jodi H.

    Jodi joins our VCA family with almost a decade of animal experience!  Growing up in the country, Jodi always had several animals she was taking care of including horses, donkeys, chickens and ducks.  She always knew there was no better way to spend her time.  Most recently, she came from a boarding facility and has really enjoyed taking care of dogs and cats.  Jodi has a long time K9 companion, Gus, and two parakeets, Petey and Precious.  Taking care of animals is her long time passion and something she truly loves doing.  We are excited to have her!

  • Kennel Assistant

    Michaela S.

    Michaela graduated high school in 2013 and decided she wanted to work with animals. She loves animals so much she wanted to work at a Veterinary Hospital and maybe work her way up to the Veterinary Assistant some day. She applied for the Kennel Attendant position, and is looking forward to learning all the things she needs to know to take good care of the pets. Michaela has a 10 year old Shih Tzu named Toby.

  • Groomer

    Jake T.

    Jake's love for animals began at a young age.  As a child in Chicago, he found, saved, fed, and bathed everything from kittens to old homeless dogs, motherless birds to baby squirrels that fell out of their nests.  After high school he wanted to be a vet or a singer (as music is another passion of his since childhood).  As a struggling theater arts major at collage in Houston he began his career in the animal industry as a groomer apprentice working under multiple master groomers at a well known pet retail store.  He seemed to have a "way" with even the most unruly pets.  He completed grooming school and after 7 years in corporate retail grooming mastering all breed clips and coats.  He has also received numerous pet safety awards, special recognitions, and many returning customers who still use him as their personal groomer today.  He broadened his horizons and perfected his craft while doing mobile grooming at the homes of some of Houston's and Katy's elite, including socialites, professional athletes, matriarchs of the Houston business scene.  Though his grooming skills are above average, his customer service is second to none, always willing to inform, educated, and make suggestions to give the owner and pet the best lives possible together.  He consistently goes above and beyond for his clients.  "Grooming is my contribution to the animal world, a pet that is appealing to the eye is more likely to receive affection from humans".  Love is all these pets have received for over 10 years from Jake and he loves meeting new friends and their owners.