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  • Kennel Supervisor

    Elizabeth Ryan

    My friends enjoy calling me "The Cat Lady".  As long as I can remember I have surrounded myself with furry friends of all shapes and sizes.  Sometimes hamsters and turtles, other times mice and rabbits, dogs and snakes, but ALWAYS cats.  If there were stray kittens outside in the bushes, then I was outside in the bushes trying to coax them inside my house.  Helping homeless and sick animals has always been a passion of mine.  When I was in high school, I began fostering and working with feral colonies.   My family owns a large ranch with 300 cows, 14 cats, 10 chickens, 3 dogs and 2 baby goats.  I love my furry kids. 

    My household consists of a small grey poodle, Hennessey and my 3 three legged kitties, Emma, Isis and Kawaii.  My life goal is to establish a non profit rescue for disabled animals so I can help more pets in need.  I live a love filled life!