Our Hospital

At VCA Tampa Bay Animal Hospital, our veterinarians believe that preventative care for your pets begins with regular physical exams. The more we get to know you and your pets, the better we can care for their needs. We are committed to early detection of chronic conditions through thorough physical exams and wellness screenings that include blood work, urinalysis, heartworm tests, and intestinal parasite evaluations. Our doctors are complemented by our knowledgeable nursing staff, pet-friendly animal care-takers, and cheerful front desk staff. Don't forget that your feathered friends and exotic pets such as rabbits, ferrets, and reptiles also need regular evaluations. Come see us today!

Local Medical Issues

Canine Flu Alert: Canine flu is a highly contagious respiratory virus with nearly all dogs that are exposed becoming infected within a few days after exposure. This disease is highly contagious, so dogs that are around other dogs (boarding, grooming, dog shows, dog parks, contact with neighbors' dogs) are at increased risk.
About 80% of exposed dogs will go on to develop signs. Typical symptoms resemble those of kennel cough: a persistent cough (often accompanied by a nasal discharge). Some dogs go on to develop pneumonia and can become critically ill.
A new vaccine is available that can help reduce this risk. Please schedule an appointment today with VCA Tampa Bay to discuss this emerging threat to your dog.
In Florida, internal and external parasites are a constant threat to your pet's health, and can lead to uncomfortable skin infections, anemia, and heartworm disease. Fleas and mosquitoes thrive in our climate even during the winter. Intestinal worms and giardia can live in our yards and can even pose a threat to people. Seasonal allergies are common and can lead to painful ear and foot infections as well as itchy, scaly skin.