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Published: Mar 13, 2012

It may not seem like a big deal when your puppy pulls on his leash during walks, however, that eager puppy will turn into a powerful adult dog who may become unruly during your walks if not properly trained.

If your dog is gaining in strength and hasn't quite learned not to pull, using a head halter may be a good option. According to VCA Animal Hospitals, head halters are a good alternative to neck control collars since they make controlling the dog easier on your arm.

This type of halter has a strap that encircles the muzzle, and works well because the dog's body will follow where its nose goes, VCA reports. Plus, this type of collar will not put pressure on your dog's trachea or other parts of the neck that can cause injury.

ASPCA recommends introducing your dog to a head halter using treats, just like you would to get it used to receiving dog vaccinations or other not-so-familiar experiences. Hold a treat on one side of the collar, making the dog put his own nose inside the loop. Reward the dog's interest in the halter, and eventually you can put the entire halter on. Ask your vet if a head halter might be right for your dog.