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Published: Nov 02, 2011

Many cats spend their time during the day relaxing and sleeping while their owners are working. Because of this, some of these cats tend to come alive at night - running, climbing and irritating their owners who are trying to sleep.

According to VCA Animal Hospitals, this behavior occurs in some cats because their most natural time to be active and social is when others are around to play with them. Many times, cats come to expect to be fed in the evening, which can further boost energy levels. Although sometimes this can be enjoyable for owners, other times cats have been known to bite, jump or scratch their owners while they sleep in order to get them to play.

To curb this problem, VCA suggests owners set aside time each day and night to encourage play and feed their cats. Creating a schedule for a cat that closely resembles that of its owners can help create more harmony in the home, without neglecting the needs of the felines. If the cat tends to wake the owner up toward morning time for its meal, try feeding the cat later in the evening to try to prevent this behavior.