New Kitten and New Puppy Packages

Did you just adopt a new puppy or kitten? Are you considering bringing a furry 4-legged new friend into the family?

If so, please take some time to let us help you with proper planning for your new addition. Puppies and kittens require lots of care, attention, and patience. The staff at VCA Stoney Creek Animal Hospital can help make the experience more enjoyable and less stressful as you attempt to train and acclimate your new family member to his or her new home. If you have not yet selected a new pet, we are also available to help make the selection process easier. We can counsel you on breed selection as proper pre-planning can help avoid choosing the wrong pet for your environment and life style. Once you have chosen a new 4-legged family member, our doctors and staff are here to guide you through all the life stages of your pet.

What you can expect from us during your initial puppy or kitten visits...

During your puppy’s or kitten’s examination we will do the following:

  • Perform a thorough physical examination
  • Administer appropriate vaccinations
  • Evaluate a stool (fecal) sample for intestinal parasites
  • Administer de-worming medication
  • Discuss and administer appropriate flea, tick and heartworm medication
  • Discuss species specific problems such as feline leukemia testing in cats
  • Discus breed specific issues such as breathing and airway problems in bulldogs, hip dysplasia in “at risk” breeds such as retrievers and German Shepherds or allergy problems in terriers.
  • Discuss at-home dental care such as tooth brushing.
  • Discuss spaying & neutering
  • Address grooming concerns such as bathing, ear cleaning, and nail trimming
  • Discuss crate training for house breaking and basic commands (come & sit)
  • And gladly answer any other questions or concerns you may have about your new family member.