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VCA Pet care is just pure LOVE

-Sonya Atkinson from Hollywood, FL
Pet Name: Lucy

VCA Stirling Square has been our choice for pet care for years. Dr. Buckweitz aka Dr B. is worth her weight in gold. She has an instinct about her patients health, and has always delivered the best of care, compassion and love. Dr. Meyers is truly missed in our hearts and will always have a place in my heart for her compassion, and comfort with our dearest Zoey, and for saving my Lucy's life. My little Lucy is here today because VCA reacted so prompt to save her life. The entire staff never could be thanked enough for what they all do, above and beyond, for the animals. It is amazing to see an entire staff that works in such harmony with each other. This truly is: "Better than human care delivered to our pets the VCA way!" Thank you, to each and every one of you at VCA. Sonya Atkinson

Pet Image

You Guys Rock

-Beverly Bailey from Miramar, FL
Pet Name: Max and Leo

I know that each person is made for a special purpose and so there is no doubt in my mind that Dr. B. and the staff at VCA Stirling Square Animal Hospital were made to care for animals. They truly love what they do and it reflects in the genuine care and concern that they consistently show to my dogs Leo and Max. My dogs have been cared for by VCA hospitals their entire lives (almost 14 years), but for the last 6 years they have been cared for by Dr. B and the staff at VCA Stirling Hospital. I would not hesitate to recommend VCA Stirling Square to anyone I know. I remember a few years ago when Max had to be treated for heartworm disease how difficult it was for me, but Dr. B was very encouraging and really helped me through his treatment process. Needless to say, Max had complete recovery. Last summer Max became ill and though he did not make it to his 14th birthday, I know that we did everything we could possibly do for him before it was time to say goodbye. I don’t know how I would have made it without the help of Dr. B. Then recently Leo had a surgical procedure and has some post-op problems �" and as usual, Dr. B. and the staff were there for me and Leo who is well on his way to a complete recovery. There are many instances that I can recall of genuine care demonstrated by the staff at VCA Stirling Square and Dr. B. Thanks to the groomer for the wonderful job she did with Max and what she continues to do with Leo. A heartfelt thank you to everyone at VCA Stirling Square Animal Hospital. Special thanks to Dr. Buckweitz. Beverly Bailey, Miramar FL

Wonderful Care

-William Fuller from VANCOUVER, WA
Pet Name: Emma

We were in temporarily South Florida for my wife's work when our dog became ill. Here we are with no idea of where to take our dog. We had a list of VCA vets from our home vet and chose one. I called and made an appointment. We arrived and were seen by Dr. Ward in a timely manor. She looked the dog over and discovered an eye problem. She felt it was an emergency situation and referred us to a Dr. Swinger at a specialist clinic in Hollywood. It turned out to be a Tumor in our dogs eye. We are very grateful to Dr. Ward for her excellent care of our dog. Dr. Ward also made several follow up calls on her own time to be sure we were being cared for. Many thanks to Dr. Ward and the VCA Stirling Square Animal Hospital for the great care given our dog.