Veronica Gomez, DVM, Associate Veterinarian

DVM, University of Florida


Dr. Gomez is a Colombian native, born in Medellin, and moved to Florida with her family as a child.  She has lived in Florida since and in addition to her love of animals, is an underwater enthusiast.
She enjoys scuba diving, free diving and traveling with her husband and two dogs, Jake and Perdy.

I cannot remember a time in my life when I did not love animals or want to be surrounded by them.  From birth, dogs were always a part of my family and my fondness for all creatures, great and small, only grew with the passing of each year.  From an early age, when asked if I knew what my "grown-up" calling was, I proudly announced that I wanted to be a veterinarian.  There was never any hesitation in my answer and the rest is history!

I attended the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine and spent some of the toughest but most fulfilling years of my life there.  Upon graduating, I made the decision to move back to South Florida to practice veterinary medicine.  Along this journey, I have met some very brave dogs and cats and their loving owners who have changed and impacted my life in so many ways.  My professional interests include dermatology, internal medicine and gastroenterology.
I have a passion for client education and love teaching because it can make all the difference in the health and life of a pet.