Andrew Thay, BVSc, Medical Director

University of Melbourne, Australia


Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, Dr. Thay made the move to South Florida in 2008. He has a keen interest in endocrinology, emergency and critical care, and soft tissue surgery. 

I decided to become a Veterinarian in high school. I have always loved animals and science, and I believe that veterinary medicine is a perfect blend of these two interests. I love approaching a complicated case and putting together all the pieces to complete the puzzle. I grew up with a wonderful dog named Tyler, and losing him also shaped my desire to help animals and their families.

In 2008, I decided to come to the United States after graduating from The University of Melbourne, Australia. I realized then that I wanted to try something different, maybe live in a different country for a while. I got offered my first job in Miami and found myself flying across the Pacific to be where I am right now.

My current canine buddy is "Samantha". Samantha was left in a box outside of the hospital when she was a few days old. Her eyes were not even open at that point. She often likes to come to work with me and has a very naughty tendancy to follow anyone who smells like they've got treats.