Client Services

  • Receptionist Supervisor

    Lisa A.

    I started with VCA in 2005 and loved it immediately.  I love our team and I am happy coming to work along side of them everyday!  I also enjoy helping out the community by leading our team's fund raising efforts for The Humane Society of Broward County and Broward Meals on Wheels for Pets. 

    Pictured with me here is Cash, the Bulldog mix that made me fall in love with the Bully breed. This sweet, loyal and loving boy was a rescue from Broward Animal Control and I was lucky to have him in my life for 9 years.

    My English Bulldog, Merle,  was found on the side of the road, near a canal wandering aimlessly.  He was in very poor health and was obviously neglected for quite some time.  We stopped the car and called to him.  He was so happy to see us and came right in the car and gave us kisses!  After several months of medication, a few surgeries and lots of TLC, Merle is a happy, healthy boy. At the end of 2015 I added another Bulldog mix named Hank to the family. He is the first puppy I have had since I was a kid and he is certainly keeping my family busy!  I am blessed to have been able to give a home to these sweet souls and give them a happy life.  It's an even bigger blessing to be around people like you that love and care for their pets as much as my family does.

  • Client Service

    Juliana C.

    I have been working here at VCA since I was in high school and college.  My full time profession is an elementary school teacher, which is why you don't get to see me often.  Even though I love being a teacher, I still have a strong passion for animal care, which is why you get to see me every Saturday.

    When I was a child my siblings and I pooled our money together to get our first dog.  Ricky the Schnauzer was loved dearly by my self and my family for many years.  I now have 1 rescue poodle, Gitana.  She keeps me very entertained with her antics!  My picture includes the other rescue poodle in our family, and in memory of his sweetness I have left his picture here as he passed away on 5/13/13. He was part of our family for more than 12 years.

    Like many teachers, I could use Saturday's to plan for my class...or rest.  But I make the time to join my VCA Stirling family every single weekend to feed my love for animals.

  • Client Service

    Jennifer P.
    School: Everest Institute, Associate Criminal Justice

    Although I only started working with our team in 2012, my love for animals started from childhood.  My mom often found me sleeping beside my first dog, his crate!  I did that off and on for years and even slept there alone after he passed away.  I graduated college in May 2012, with a major in criminal justice.  Undecided about what career to choose, I applied at Chloe's vet clinic (VCA!).  I got the job and it sparked an underlying passion for animal care.  I plan to further my education in the veterinary field and become a technician.

  • Client Service

    Marley The House Cat

    The week of Valentine's Day 2013, one of our staff members came to unlock  the front doors of the office. She saw a wet, cardboard box on the sidewalk and assumed it was a delivery and brought the box inside. When she opened it, out popped a handsome black cat!
    We neutered, dewormed and vaccinated him in preparation to get him adopted. Unfortunately, weeks then months went by without any interest in this loving cat. We got to know him in that time and were so impressed by his kind nature and his love for all animals (even dogs!) that we named him Marley after Bob Marley. He certainly is a laid back cat!
    We all decided that Marley would be a great addition to our VCA Stirling Square family as a permanent resident. He is a hi-jinx master, food stealer, nap expert and all around good guy. He even has an Instagram account!

    If you have an Instagram account  you can follow Marley for new promotions, cute photographs and hospital happenings. His user name is: VCASTIRLINGMARLEY

  • Receptionist

    Rachel Minard

    I began my journey with the VCA Stirling Team in February 2016. However, I have been working with animals since I was very young. My team at VCA Stirling that I work with today is the best group of people I have ever been around in my entire working career. So much energy and enthusiasm mixed with a love for animals is the best atmosphere. Now, I get to tell you about my furry kids at home and it  gets crazy! I have five sets of furry legs! Kierra, Ella, Taz, Zoe and Trigger are all cats. Kierra, Ella and Zoe were adopted, Taz and Trigger were rescues. Taz was given to me at two weeks old, and had to be bottle fed every two hours. Trigger was a month or so old given to me from a couple who just didn’t have the time to care for him.  My plans for the two rescues were to bring them up to health and find them “furrever” homes. However, I could not find it in my heart to let them go. I am not a crazy cat lady, I am Cat Woman!