• Hospital Administrator

    Suzanne Benjamin

    As a Hospital Manager, one might expect me to say "I love people and animals and want to make a difference everyday." Or, that I love administrative work and assisting my staff by providing them with the training and support they need to perform their duties.  While all of that is true, the real reason I do what I do everyday for over 24 years is I still feel like the 7 year old little girl that went to visit her grandmother's farm to visit with her family every Sunday.

    I seldom saw my grandmother for I could be found in the hayloft looking for the latest litter of kittens, or in the chicken coop looking at the hens sitting on their eggs, or perched on the fence talking to the cows, or standing in awe looking at the grand horses that worked the farm.  Simply put, I have a passion for all species of animals and want to help care for them and their "people".

    Had I known back then I could have turned that love of animals into a profession; I would have pursued a career in veterinary medicine.  As with many, I pursued other avenues for years and felt "wanting" something more.  Long story short, I happened upon a job as a veterinary receptionist and I soon found myself running the practice because of my strong administrative and business background and it fed right into my passion for animals. 

    When I am not working you can find me with my other half and our 3 dogs, Cash, Abbey and Gypsy and our cat, Regis.  All are rescues or abandoned. 

    I am honored to be part of this VCA family and team that all have passion, skills and a love for what they do each and every day!