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  • Thankful for staff that goes above and beyond

    -Christine and Thomas Pavia from Staten Island, NY
    Pet Name: Dog Chloe

    April 1, 2013

    Dear Dr. R, Gina & Dawn

    I would personally like to thank you for the gentle and special attention you gave to Chloe. You both are so very patient and soft spoken. I know I asked a million questions and you were both busy, yet still took the time to talk to me and settle me down and make me feel better.

    It is never easy to discuss the possibility of putting your pet down. Especially after 17 years of pure joy and companionship.

    You both complimented each other in comforting my husband and I on Saturday that when we left, we felt we could actually breathe again.

    We both found peace of mind knowing if this should happen while we are away, both Chloe and my mom are in the best of hands. That means more to us than anything.

    This is the reason I will always be thankful for staff that goes above and beyond to really make us all feel like family. I can’t wait for you to meet Princess next, she is 19.

    Dr. R, what can I say, you are simply heaven sent. You have given us peace of mind and so many choices to help Chloe, we both feel like we hit Lotto with you as our Vet.

    We are both extremely grateful for all the options you have given us to make Chloe more comfortable in her illness. While age isn’t on her side anymore, knowing she is comfortable now and given better quality of life is all we could ask for.

    I have to say that over the years I have experienced all kinds of service. None like at your hospital. It was a very relaxed and understood diagnosis, and we both walked away with total understanding of what we’re up against. I like the fact that no question was a stupid question.

    I can honestly say I have a Dr. whom I love, Cherish and respect.

    God Bless you. Thank you so much for everything.


    Christine & Thomas Pavia & Chloe too

  • A Team our Family will Never Forget

    -Carolyn Friedman from Staten Island, NY
    Pet Name: Bongo

    To The Veterinary Team of Staten Island Animal Hospital,

    When we needed to part with our beloved friend "Bongo," the bleakness overtook us. My son and I loved that 90 lb. Argentino Dogo with his large black eyes and nose and white fur. Your compassion helped us tend to what needed to be done.

    A special thanks to Dawn who reminded me that we are more human when we love a pet. Our tears define who we are.

    I have appreciation for Teresa. Her kindness allows all her staff to touch their clients in a special way.

    And Frank, who helped us carry our Big Guy from the car, allowing him the dignity he deserved.

    My love to you all. You are a Team(!) our family will never forget.

    Carolyn Friedman

  • the best people

    -tina sonnergren from staten island, NY
    Pet Name: coco sonnergren

    I have been dealing with staten island animal hospital and Dr. Viado since my coco was 8 weeks old. We just put her to sleep almost a week ago at the age of almost 13 years old because of health reasons. Dr. Viado and the staff at this hospital were always there when we needed them and always caring and polite. We are heart broken over the loss of our coco but they helped make it easier just by being there and understanding. Can't thank them enough for all the years of taking care of our girl and being there for the frantic parents that we were at times. God bless you all and we will be back when we decide its time to get our next puppy. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts.


Specialty Care

Sometimes sick or injured pets need the care of a veterinary medical specialist. When that happens, VCA specialty hospitals work closely with the general practitioner veterinarians who refer cases to us in order to provide seamless veterinary care to your pet. When your pet is facing any kind of serious illness or injury, our specialty referral hospitals will provide the compassionate and expert care your beloved pet needs.

Our goal is to make sure that when you and your pet are in need that you have access to board certified specialists who are up to date on the very latest developments in their field. In our state of the art hospitals, our specialists also have access to the most sophisticated diagnostic and treatment tools and techniques from ultrasonography and endoscopy to CAT scans and even MRI.

As part of the VCA family, we have over 83 specialty hospitals across the US and Canada which provide referral specialty care, so there may be one near you. Our specialized services include: behavior, cardiology, critical care, dentistry, dermatology, integrative medicine, internal medicine, neurology, oncology, ophthalmology, radiology, rehabilitation, reproduction, and surgery.

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