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the best people

-tina sonnergren from staten island, NY
Pet Name: coco sonnergren

I have been dealing with staten island animal hospital and Dr. Viado since my coco was 8 weeks old. We just put her to sleep almost a week ago at the age of almost 13 years old because of health reasons. Dr. Viado and the staff at this hospital were always there when we needed them and always caring and polite. We are heart broken over the loss of our coco but they helped make it easier just by being there and understanding. Can't thank them enough for all the years of taking care of our girl and being there for the frantic parents that we were at times. God bless you all and we will be back when we decide its time to get our next puppy. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts.

A Team our Family will Never Forget

-Carolyn Friedman from Staten Island, NY
Pet Name: Bongo

To The Veterinary Team of Staten Island Animal Hospital,

When we needed to part with our beloved friend "Bongo," the bleakness overtook us. My son and I loved that 90 lb. Argentino Dogo with his large black eyes and nose and white fur. Your compassion helped us tend to what needed to be done.

A special thanks to Dawn who reminded me that we are more human when we love a pet. Our tears define who we are.

I have appreciation for Teresa. Her kindness allows all her staff to touch their clients in a special way.

And Frank, who helped us carry our Big Guy from the car, allowing him the dignity he deserved.

My love to you all. You are a Team(!) our family will never forget.

Carolyn Friedman

Thankful for staff that goes above and beyond

-Christine and Thomas Pavia from Staten Island, NY
Pet Name: Dog Chloe

April 1, 2013

Dear Dr. R, Gina & Dawn

I would personally like to thank you for the gentle and special attention you gave to Chloe. You both are so very patient and soft spoken. I know I asked a million questions and you were both busy, yet still took the time to talk to me and settle me down and make me feel better.

It is never easy to discuss the possibility of putting your pet down. Especially after 17 years of pure joy and companionship.

You both complimented each other in comforting my husband and I on Saturday that when we left, we felt we could actually breathe again.

We both found peace of mind knowing if this should happen while we are away, both Chloe and my mom are in the best of hands. That means more to us than anything.

This is the reason I will always be thankful for staff that goes above and beyond to really make us all feel like family. I can’t wait for you to meet Princess next, she is 19.

Dr. R, what can I say, you are simply heaven sent. You have given us peace of mind and so many choices to help Chloe, we both feel like we hit Lotto with you as our Vet.

We are both extremely grateful for all the options you have given us to make Chloe more comfortable in her illness. While age isn’t on her side anymore, knowing she is comfortable now and given better quality of life is all we could ask for.

I have to say that over the years I have experienced all kinds of service. None like at your hospital. It was a very relaxed and understood diagnosis, and we both walked away with total understanding of what we’re up against. I like the fact that no question was a stupid question.

I can honestly say I have a Dr. whom I love, Cherish and respect.

God Bless you. Thank you so much for everything.


Christine & Thomas Pavia & Chloe too

Wonderful, caring place

-Loretta from Staten Island, NY

My family and I have been bringing our pets to Dr. Ruderman, the director of this animal hospital, for over 30 years. I even brought my cat to him when I lived in Brooklyn because I've never met better veterinarians and staff. Dr. Ruderman always makes me feel calmer (I'm a nervous momma!) and explains everything to me. He is gentle with animals and with people! I have also seen Dr. Asaro (she gave me a hug, so caring) and Dr. Viado in emergencies and they were both very good. My pets are my babies, and I trust these vets and staff with my furbabies 100%. I've recommended this animal hospital to several friends and they always thank me for sending them to such a nice place. These professionals really understand that pets are family, and they treat people and animals with dignity and respect. I won't bring my pets anywhere else.

The wonderful person and veterinarian that you are

-Susan from Staten Island, NY
Pet Name: feathered kids, furbabies, rescues and fosters

Dear Dr. Ruderman, Where do I begin? I have been a very proud client of yours for many years. I am going to try my best to put into words the gratitude I feel for all that you have done for me and my fids (feathered kids) and my furbabies, as well as my many rescues and fosters. I have been to many veterinarians in New York, New Jersey, and Florida, searching for “the one” wherever I have lived. I have to say that you are the singular veterinarian that I admire and have and will continue to recommend to everyone who needs veterinary care for their companions. Your love of animals is apparent the minute that you greet them. You are so gentle and patient, even with my Piper who can be quite the handful! For me, that is an exceptional quality in a human being and especially in a medical professional. Also, your extensive knowledge and willingness to convey that knowledge is commendable. Many of the veterinarians that I have met hold onto their knowledge like some valuable secret or only extend minimal information, ensuring future visits for further treatment and income. You have given me so much information and advice during visits and over the phone to help me care for my beloved pets, rescues, and fosters so that I can give them the best possible care in my home as well as to continue to help more and more animals in need. Additionally, you have gone out of your way to show me reference material and to find medicine that I need to prevent and/or treat my babies. Your time and patience with regard to the aforementioned is invaluable! The previous May, I graduated with a certificate as a Veterinary Assistant. I can only hope that I become as knowledgeable and successful as you are. You are quite the role model for me! All in all, you not only have treated my furry and feathered companions, you have educated me to become a better caretaker of these wonderful creatures. I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done! I also want to wish you the best of everything for the future! You’ve certainly earned it and deserve it for being the wonderful person and veterinarian that you are! Susan Staten Island, NY

So Grateful.

-Bernadette from staten island, NY
Pet Name: pooch

My cat Pooch was a very sick cat. I was told by a co-worker to take him to Dr. Ruderman he's the best. I have to say Dr. Rudermen and his staff are the best. They gave Pooch the best care explained in detail what the problem was and how it can be fixed. Pooch is much better and Dr. Rudermen and his staff will never know how truly grateful I am.

Years of Care

-Janet Cuneo from Staten Island, NY
Pet Name: Paris

I have been seeing Dr Viado for all my dogs since 1989. That goes back to when this current building was a converted brown home. I can't say enough about Dr Viado's compassion for animals and the thorough care he has given to all the animals I have owned. I don't want to leave out the staff. Everyone is helpful and shows an honest interest in you and your pet. Truly love this particular practice of all the VCA groups. Janet Cuneo

Pet Image

A heartfelt thank you

-Tonya from Staten Island, NY
Pet Name: Katzi

When my 15 year old cat died in my arms early one morning I was distraught at what to do, I was sobbing, so my phone call was not really coherent, but on the other end of the phone was the nicest person and she assured me that all would be ok. I called Staten Island Animal Hospital because I had just moved here from the city and hadn't found a new vet for my cats yet. They were the first animal hospital to come up in my Google search the night before because I had planned on getting him to the vet the next day if he worsened. The hardest thing in the world is to lose a pet, they are family, they are loved, and in my case, my cats are my babies since I have no children. I was worried, confused, heartbroken, but when I got to the animal hospital, the vet tech came out to the car to pick up my big guy and from the minute I stepped in the door everyone was so sweet and friendly and just really, really comforting to me. I can't thank you guys enough, for everything that you did to help me through this very difficult time. I chose to have Katzi cremated and when they called a week later and I picked up his ashes, they were in a beautiful bag with a gorgeous ribbon, and again, everyone was solemn, and reverent and so kind about my loss. Thank you again for all that you all did and do on a daily basis to make pet owners feel comforted etc. I will be making appt's for my 2 orange babies soon. Thanks again!