VCA St. Mary's Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Great Customer Service

-Karen from Lexington Park, MD
Pet Name: Buddy

I would like to start off by saying at first I was not going to bring my Buddy in for an exam, I just wanted some questions answered. When I call early one morning, I spoke to Sam about the problems Buddy seemed to be having. She recommended bring Buddy in for an exam by a Vet doctor, and at first I said no but after she was going over some of the problems Buddy was having, she explained to me a virus called Giardia (which I have never heard before) and she wouldn't exactly say that's what is was but she did say that could have be a possibility. So Sam convinced me to bring Buddy in and a sample as well to test for this virus. My visit at VCA St. Mary's Animal Vet Hospital with Buddy was great. The doctor that was examining Buddy was Dr. Simmons and the technician that brought us to our room was Luella. They are both highly professional and very caring for Buddy. Later while I was waiting for the doctor to come back with results for Buddy test, Sam came into the room and gave some loving to Buddy and she notice his back had scabs (some open). She recommended a special collar to stop Buddy from chewing on himself and she let the doctor know I was interested in getting one (which by the way works GREAT! Thank you, Sam). During Buddy's visit it was found out that unfortunately he has heartworms and then Giardia on top of that (exactly what Sam explained), I'm glad we brought him in after all. Dr. Simmons went over all the information and results with me, as well as treatments. After all was done, we heading to pay our bill which I wasn't really looking forward to. We were greeted by Lauren and Sam, (they are very sweet, caring and professional, they gave Buddy lots of loving), Lauren went over the bill with me item by item, which sounded like a lot but the price was nothing compared to what I thought it would be. And for the great customer service and caring we have received there, the price didn't even matter. It was well worth it, for Buddy's sake too. The two also went over the heartworm treatments with me, which you can tell how educated the whole staff is. Thank you all very much and we will be back again (hopefully not too soon) as well as recommend new clients to you. Your staff is GREAT and you honor great services. Buddy thanks you too, he says hi as well :)

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-Dr Sierra Parker from Lexington Parker, MD
Pet Name: Sierra

I love my doggie doctor, Dr. Forrest, so much that he inspired me to be a Vet for Halloween. Happy Halloween.

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I love St. Mary's Animal Hospital

-Hailey from Prince Frederick, MD
Pet Name: Truman

I have been taking my bird to St. Mary's Animal Hospital to see Dr. Forrest for many years now. Everyone is always extremely nice and welcoming and Dr. Forrest is wonderful!

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Love and Care

-Shellie from Hollywood, MD
Pet Name: Boots

With each of our pets we have found a truly warm and caring staff from the reception desk to the doctor's exam. We lost our beautiful Boots 3 weeks ago to an illness and the other day we received a lovely card in the mail from VCA St. Marys. Not only were the personal messages written from the staff at St. Mary's Veterinary Hospital beautiful and thoughtful but they sent us Boots' 4 paw prints! To have his precious little paw prints is giving us the world. We miss him so much. Thank you St. Mary's Veterinary Hospital for such thoughtfulness and all the tender care and attentiveness you've given each of our pets.

Helping me when I lost a kitten

-Jessica from Avenue, MD
Pet Name: Stinky

I went to VCA with my cat Stinky about two years ago or so and they were so helpful with her. And now when the feral cat at my house had more kittens I tried to save one because she left it and almost hurt it. I'm not sure what the sex of the kitten was. They helped me out and I had to unfortunately put the baby down because he was sick and I was thankful for their help. Now I have his brother and will be making an appointment soon so he can get checked out. God Bless them.

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Happy Puppy Visit

-Brenda from Lexington Park, MD
Pet Name: Brutus

We've been to VCA St. Mary's before, but we were very happy with our Puppy Visit with Brutus, a German Shepherd. He is our newest addition! Everyone was pleasant, helpful, and answered all of our questions. We look forward to Brutus' next visit with the Puppy Package, not to mention the savings :)

Brian, Brenda and Family


-William Hower from Saint Leonard, MD
Pet Name: Colby

My wife and I moved to Maryland about 4 years ago and this place was really close to our apartment. We have since moved about 40 minutes away and still stay with this vet and here one example as to why. Our dog Colby decided to try and befriend a copperhead and well, that just didn't turn out well. It was late in the afternoon on a Friday and I called the vet. They told me to come down even knowing the office would be closing right around the time I got there. We got in just before closing time and they rushed Colby in the back. I didn't know yet that Colby had tangled with a snake, but in only about 5 minutes with Dr. Cabral she found 2 puncture wounds and knew right away he was bitten and most likely poisoned. She explained that Colby should be observed overnight and told me the VCA didn't have staffing overnight. She immediately referred me to an emergency vet, but before I left she had told me everything that the emergency hospital would probably do. She was 100 percent correct. She even called ahead and told them I was on my way! This is the second major injury Colby has gotten himself in 2 or 3 years. Last time was Colby vs. a steel stake in the ground which added up to 30 some stitches. Again that one was a Friday night at closing time. I have personally dealt with most of the doctors and techs/assistants who work there. The level of knowledge and professionalism is amazing! No question goes unanswered ever! The staff at the front desk is also completely friendly and always smiling and helpful. Are there closer vets to where I now live? Yes. Will I be changing to them any time soon? No way! I really appreciated the quick diagnosis from Dr. Cabral this time. Because of her fast help and referral Colby is home and doing just fine. Swollen, but ok. Thanks guys! Keep up the good work!!!!!

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Great Caring Doctor, friendly staff

-Mz. Princess and mom G from Lexington, MD
Pet Name: Princess

I love this animal hospital and service. I was new to St. Mary's county and in need of a vet for my long hair 4 yr old chihuahua. I'm picky and want the best vet, she's my baby because pets are family too. My very first visit was with Dr. Meadows and she is a great caring gentle doctor to me. She answers my many questions or concerns, she's great with my dog as well as if there is something my pet needs to have looked at she'll say bring her in. I like that she calls me back when I leave a message emergency or not. There is not a long wait, the place is clean and staff is friendly as well. I'm sure all vets are great but I love Dr. Meadows to see my baby every visit......Much thanks and love from Princess and me her moma.