VCA St. Clair Shores Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Great Experience

-Lori Marchine from St. Clair Shores, MI
Pet Name: Kaya, Shelby, Panda, Cloey, Pinko, and Julie

I transfered all of my pets from a vet office that I had been at for more than 20 years to VCA St. Clair Shores because of the staff, expecially Dr. Chahal. He has been extremely patient and knowledgable with myslelf, daughter, and my elderly mother. Dr. Sharma has handled my pets inquiries with ease and handled my kidding that Kaya is Dr. Chahals baby- he better be careful! I have been very pleased with my pets care and recommend this office to others.

my dog casey

-valerie morgan from sterling heights, MI
Pet Name: casey

My dog Casey went to VCA St.Clair Shores for 17 years. He had surgery twice and was boarded every time we went away. Also all the traditional care, I can't say enough how great they are - all the staff and Doctors. When it was time to say goodbye to Casey he was seen by a visiting doctor (Dr. Corn) who was wonderful with him and so sympathetic to my husband and me. Every animal hospital should mirror their services.

Excellent Caring Staff

-Katie Rose from Roseville, MI
Pet Name: Brutus

I took my chocolate lab puppy here for his second shots on the recommendation of my friend. The staff was caring, the doctor very friendly and I did not wait long. The nurses are so great!!!! They showed me how to care for my puppy, talked about training specific to his breed, what would be the best diet, etc. When I left they gave me all kinds of goodies and samples for Brutus and he loved the staff! Needless to say it is now the vet we will always use!

daisy c

-paula and sarah johnson from eastpointe, MI
Pet Name: daisy c

my daughter sarah and i want to thank the staff at vca st clair shores for there kindness shown to us. we recently had our beloved daisy c put to sleep. our hearts are broken for our loss. your kind gesture with the sympathy card was so much appreciated by us. if and when we decide to get another loving companion we will not hesitate to call you. once again thank you so very much


-Guan Cobb from Roseville, MI
Pet Name: Mulder

On November 12, my 15 year old dog Mulder was suffering from breathing problems. We brought him here hoping he would get better, however, when he was hooked up to a breathing machine he's lungs collapsed and he died. Despite not being able to save him, the staff here are some the nicest and understanding people I have ever meet. Sleep peacefully my puppy.

A Sweet Goodbye

-Caitlin from Roseville, MI
Pet Name: Sasha

When I had to bring my beloved cat of thirteen years in to be put down, the staff at my VCA office was not only considerate and helpful, but made sure that me and my family were not alone throughout the entire process. They stayed with us beginning to end, answered all of our conversations, and explained every move made along the way. I felt loved, and reassured we were doing what was best. I adore the staff and am hoping to one day be an employee there, as well. I would love to impact other people as well as they have impacted me.

Compassion and Understanding

-Kim F. from St. Clair Shores, MI
Pet Name: Abby

On April 30, 2012, I took my furbaby kitty to VCA only to discover that there had been a misdiagnosis from an off-site vet resulting in having to put her to sleep. Dr. Mentzer and staff were as concerned for me as well as my cat. Thank you for your compassion and sympathy during the days following my unbearable loss.

Pet Image

The Perfect Vet

-Emily B. from Saint Clair Shores, MI
Pet Name: Jake

We adopted our sweet Jake from a family a little over a year ago. Jake was the PERFECT addition to our family. He was AMAZING with the kids and the most wonderful companion. In March we noticed that he was having some issues and due to recently moving into the area, we googled and found this vet. Thank GOODNESS we did. We were told by doctors here that he was old (he was 10.5) and he had some tumors and that we would just need to keep him comfortable and watch him. Over the weekend, Jake really started having trouble so we made an appointment for Monday. It was then that the doctor told us euthanasia was truly our best/only option due to the rapid decline in Jake's health and his probable discomfort. We took Jake home for one last night and said our see you later's for his appointment Tuesday (yesterday). In the morning Jake was his normal, active playful self while he played fetch with our two year old daughter. It was definitely the last of his energy that he made sure he saved for her so she had good memories of him. At 12:45 PM Jake was no longer hungry, playful, or happy. At 2:35 we found him cowering in a private, secluded spot of our yard (a lot of the reason we bought the house was for the spacious yard for Jake) and he was trembling and shaking in what we can only guess was pain. I called the office to see if they could accommodate us sooner than our 4:20 pm appointment and they did. Jake was hesitant to go inside but when he did, he was greeted with a smile and found a comfortable blanket and bed to lay on. At 4:17 PM our sweet, loving, tender, irreplaceable family member Jake had his last heart beat. Though we are devastated and can not control our tears, we know that Jake is no longer in pain and was treated by the most amazing team of staff and doctors that we could have found for him. When we are ready to adopt another dog in the future we will definitely be coming here. I truly can not thank the staff enough for everything they did for our Jake and for us to make us comfortable during the euthanasia process. We were able to lay on the floors (the facility is immaculate) while he passed and cuddle him just once more. We were also allowed to take as much time as we needed with him before we left the facility. If you are looking for people who care about your animal just as much as you, I recommend this place. We will never go anywhere else. Thank you guys! Thank you. So much.