Our Hospital

VCA Squire Animal Hospital has been caring for our community for over 10 years. We provide expert care for your dogs and cats with a passion.  VCA Squire Animal Hospital has doctors who have special interests in feline medicine, geriatric medicine and  surgery.  Early hours are available for appointments and for you to leave your pet with us for the day prior to work. 

We invite you to come in and meet our staff and doctors. At VCA Squire Animal Hospital, your pet�s health is our top priority and excellent service is our goal.

Local Medical Issues

Canine Flu Alert!
Many of our clients have asked about the threat of canine influenza to their dogs. Canine flu is a highly contagious respiratory virus with nearly all dogs that are exposed becoming infected within a few days after exposure. This disease is highly contagious, so dogs that are around other dogs (boarding, grooming, dog shows, dog parks, contact with neighbors' dogs) are at increased risk.
About 80% of exposed dogs will go on to develop signs. Typical symptoms resemble those of kennel cough: a persistent cough (often accompanied by nasal discharge). Some dogs go on to develop pneumonia and can become critically ill.
A new vaccine is available that can help reduce this risk. Please schedule an appointment today with one of our VCA veterinarians to discuss this emerging threat to your dog.

*Lyme Disease*
Lyme disease (caused by Borrelia) is a serious illness contracted by dogs in our area. Make sure to keep your dog on Frontline year round to help decrease the chances of transmission by a tick. We also recommend that all dogs be tested for Lyme disease and then vaccinated! Please call if your dog has not been vaccinated for Lyme disease.