VCA Spring Mountain Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Love VCA Spring Mt. Animal Hospital

-Jessica Suarez from Las Vegas, NV

I brought my newly adopted dog to your facility. I was extremely pleased with everyone. The staff was great, and they even gave Stanley a toy while we waited. Dr. Wallace did a very thorough exam, answered all of my questions and had a great sense of humor too. I am bringing him for a groom this weekend and will be bringing my terrier-poodle to Dr. Wallace also. I have already recommended you guys to 2 of my friends and will continue to do so if anyone ask for a great vet. Thank you all for your wonderful caring attitude.

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I'm Sonny a West Highland White

-Sonny from Las Vegas, NV
Pet Name: Sonny

I'm Sonny a West Highland White. I was given to my owners when I was about 3 months old. My owners other dog Shadow did not like me at first and hid under the bed to keep away from me. After about a week she was OK with me, but let me know that she was the boss.

My first three years were great. I was King of the backyard. Shadow and I kept all the birds and stray cats out.

I once swallowed a rock just for fun and had to have surgery. I developed bladder stone and had to have another surgery. Next I had a torn ACL on my left hind leg and another surgery for that. Things just started getting worse and I had another ACL on my right hind leg and the bladder stones came back, so another surgery to repair leg and stones. Whew!! A week later my good hind leg was not working right and I had an MRI and when my repaired leg was ready it did not respond either. After months of rehab, I was left with hind legs I couldn't walk on. So by this time I'm 7 and quite a mess.

The doctors at VCA Spring Mountain and the LVVSC rehab center have helped me through all this and it was decided to get me a cart. I now have wheels and can get outside and go for walks. I can't climb up a curb by myself, but I can jump down. I once walked 2 miles in the Wag A Tail Walk-A-Thon and got a certificate. My chest and front legs are all muscle (I would be a good weight lifter). I am now 11 years old and have been in my cart for 4 years and am doing fine. I am just like a person who can't walk. Dogs adjust like people (maybe better). We only want to be best friends, be loved and give love in return.

My thanks to Dr. Knighton, Dr. Wallace and Angela (my groomer) and all of the staff at VCA Spring Mountain Animal Hospital. A special thanks to my owners for not giving up on me. Sonny

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Loving Care

-Vivian and Raymond Cote from Las Vegas, NV
Pet Name: Yuphin and Krystal

We have 2 siamese cats one female, named Krystal and one male named Yuphin. We have been taking them to VCA Hospital ever since we adopted them and we wouldn't go anywhere else because they get the care and love needed while being treated for anything we bring them in for. The doctors and staff really care about our pets and it shows with others while we are waiting to be seen. Great Job!

VCA Spring Mountain

-Barbara Scott from Las Vegas, NV
Pet Name: Baby

I have been to other vets in the Las Vegas area but this is by far the best one I have been to. I was actually seen at my appointment time and didn't have to wait very long. Dr. Knighton actually called me at home several times to discuss my cat's care. This was very much appreciated. At the other practices I have been to, the vets never called me to discuss my cat's care. They really care about your pets here.

The greatest Vet's and staff in Las vegas

-Dr. Richard and Kristen Kohlmeyer from Las vegas, NV

We have been with Dr. Knighton and Dr. Wallace since their beginning, (many years) they are the most caring, loving, nicest, smartest Doctors in Las Vegas. They totally take their time with your pet and also explaining things so you understand what is going on with your pet. Their staff are also wonderful, when you call, they know who your pet is and are very sweet and nice. We would never think of going anywhere else. Trust us, you'll Love either one of these Doctors!!!!

Great service

-Terry Mccabe from Pahrump, NV
Pet Name: joy

We brought our dog in on a Saturday with an unknown ailment. After an hour of observations and vitals taken we were referred to another pet hospital. There was no charge which surprised us, hugs from staff that inspired us, and a follow up call the next day that showed us their service and caring were REAL. Thanks again, Terry and Gabe, and of course JOY

The BEST Vets in town!!

-Bonnie from Las Vegas, NV
Pet Name: Too many to list

I have been a client of Dr. Knighton and Dr. Wallace for many years. I have quite a few pets and I don't trust anyone else with their care. I know they always have whats best for my pet in mind and have saved their lives. Besides being very knowledgeable, they are friendly, caring and will do what it takes to save your fur baby.