VCA Southwick Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Losing Mittens

-Kelly from Southwick, MA
Pet Name: Mittens McSweeney

I have never had to put any animal down in my life...So when Mittens (our cat) was very sick and showed no improvement, we were told the best thing for her was to be put down. Dr. Suzanne Gerber went above and beyond with her compassion and concern for her well being. The whole staff at the Southwick VCA was absolutely amazing in this difficult time for our family. Thank you Dr. Gerber and staff for going the distance and caring for Mittens during her last days.

Kelly & Aaron

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So happy my research brought me to SAH

-Candida from Westfield, MA
Pet Name: Jada

I am new to Southwick Animal Hospital and came because my darling Jada has seizures and was not getting the care/love she deserves from our first Vet in MA. We came from NC in 2009 and had the most amazing Vet care. I thought moving to MA, the Vet I chose was thorough and caring but determined that not to be true. After a baby and moving to Westfield from Springfield, it was time for a new Vet. My first Visit was amazing. Everyone was so king and the care provided to my Jada was warm, friendly and EXPLAINED! Dr. Klaiber and the Tech not only explained what they were doing but what was wonderful about Jada's health and concerns, why and how can we test and then fix. I have not been with them a month and Jada goes back today and I am so pleased with the calls from Dr. Klaiber to explain the tests Jada will have today and when I called back she explained again and set my mind at ease. I am so glad I made the change and took the time to research and ask neighbors and friends. Southwick Animal Hospital is our new home from home for our Jada.

Extraordinary Care

-Anna Zina from Huntington, MA
Pet Name: Ted

When I first met Dr. Schettino I knew right off that my pets were going to be o.k.
On first meeting Ted (the cat) Dr. Schettino said hello as if they were old time buddies, speaking directly to Ted and looking at his eyes while gently stroking his fur. Within minutes of getting into the room my 9 month old decided to throw up on the floor near Dr. Schettino but it didn't even faze him he just focused on making Ted comfortable. I wasn't sure that Ted was going to be o.k. but Dr. Schettino assured me that he was going to do his best to save Ted without sacrificing the quality of his life. He has done that and so much more. He truly cares for Ted like he's his own little Buddy. As a matter of fact he from time to time calls Ted his "Bud". I am blessed for having been able to meet a vet and a hospital staff that can not only handle a emotional owner but show love and compassion for my kitties.