VCA Southwest Freeway Animal Hospital Testimonials

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Quality Service and Wonderful People

-Lori B. from Sugar Land, TX
Pet Name: Parker, Piper, Petey and Clinton Bennett

I have been coming to VCA Southwest Freeway Hospital since I moved to Sugar Land in 2000. At that time, I had moved from the Northeast with two dogs and three cats, I presently have three dogs and one cat. The staff at VCA has been very helpful, informative and caring. I have had to euthanize four of the animals that I moved here with in 2000 and I have received the most kind and sympathetic care from the veterinarians. The staff there makes sure that you understand everything that is happening to your pet in all aspects of care. I would highly recommend this veterinary hospital.

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Like Family

-Steven Halpert from Pearland, TX
Pet Name: Wilson, Cash, Sampson, and Sheena

I began using VCA SW after a friend's referral in 2006. I had the pleasure of my two Labs Hutch and Hunter receiving wonderful care the last two years of their lives. Since then, Wilson and Cash have become regulars, affectionately known as the Trouble Brothers. In July 2009, I rescued a yellow male Lab, Sampson, from BARC who ended up living at VCA for 11 weeks! His medical issues were extensive. Today, he is spectacular, completely healthy and gorgeous. In September 2009, I rescued a terribly ill black female Lab named Sheena from BARC. She was literally days if not hours from death. She had distemper, pneumonia, high heartworm positive, and was grossly underweight. She was in line to be euthanized. I rushed her to VCA, where she lived completely in isolation for 6 weeks. She's been home with me now for 4 weeks, hard to believe it's the same dog. She's going to have a lottery life, thanks to all the unbelievable attention she received at VCA. Surving distemper is beyond rare. The care she received every minute is the only reason her life went from tragedy to a happy ending.

Everyone at VCA is helpful and supportive. I obviously trust ALL my dogs' lives with the docs and the staff. Would not go anywhere else.

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Absolutely the Best

-Ashley V. from Sugar Land, TX
Pet Name: Cali

I adopted a 6 month old cat from the SPCA Houston on April 23. took her to them for the complimentary wellness visit. Everything checked out fine. UNTIL!..June 11 when we found out she was pregnant and due anyday (the next day to be precise). SPCA overlooked the fact that she was never fixed. they have been excpetional with walking me through the birthing steps, to what to expect for the next 8 weeks. i reccomend VCA to everyone!


-JMK from Sugar Land, TX
Pet Name: Jones

Our Catahoula has been a patient of VCA Southwest Freeway Animal Hospital for a few years now. Last week, we dropped him off for a 'senior well check'. He received a physical work up,imaging, cardiovascular testing and comprehensive blood work! Tip to tail, inside out and backwards, he had it all checked out! 'Denise F.' and 'Dr. Roberson' kept us informed throughout the day and truly went above and beyond to care for our dog, and give us exceptional customer service. Both 'Denise F.' and 'Dr. Roberson' followed up with us the following day, and took time to explain results and answer our questions. We have visited other, 'less expensive' clinics, but found that the 'up selling' and 'over' diagnosis can end up costing more. VCA SW Animal Hospital provides a great team of Animal Health Professionals who truly care about your pet's whole health!

Above and Beyond

-L. Cooper from Weston Lakes, TX
Pet Name: Dawson

Dr. Roberson went above and beyond the call of duty Friday evening. He stayed at the office until I could get there from Weston Lakes, about a 45 min to an hour drive. One of our Catahoula puppies had either been stung or bitten in the face and with the enormous swelling of her face, well she had slits for eyes and looked like she was about to burst out of her skin.

He took great care of her immediately, and she was able to go home with her medications. Thank you Dr. Roberson for saving our puppy from a potentially serious condition! She looks like her old self just three days after.