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Published: Jun 04, 2012

When you are petting or brushing your dog this summer, you might notice a large, raw or inflamed patch of skin. This could be a hot spot, a common skin disorder in dogs. Hot spots on dogs are particularly common in the summer, because they are typically caused by allergies or an insect bite that became raw due to licking, chewing, scratching and itching in dogs.

Hot spots are moist and painful, so it is important to identify and treat these dog wounds right away. Treatment depends on the cause of the hot spot, so bring your canine to the veterinarian for an accurate diagnosis.

If the hot spot was caused by allergies in dogs, veterinarians may recommend a treatment that involves cleaning the area with an antiseptic spray or specialized shampoo and hydrocortisone spray. If the hot spots become a recurrent problem, your vet may follow up with allergy testing or other diagnostics.  If the hot spot was caused by flea allergy dermatitis in dogs, your vet will get your dog started on flea control for dogs and anti-inflammatory medications and antibiotics to heal any infected areas, according to

It is usually a good idea to use Elizabethan collars for dogs to prevent the canine from itching, licking or biting the affected area while it heals, according to VCA Animal Hospitals.