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Published: Oct 26, 2011

If a dog comes down with a case of kennel cough, has recently suffered an injury or has undergone surgery of some kind, it will most likely be prescribed antibiotics or a pain medication to help it heal and feel better faster.

According to VCA Animal Hospitals, owners should try to hide the pill inside of a small amount of a tasty treat like peanut butter, cream cheese, cottage cheese or inside bits of canned dog food in order to help the dog swallow the medication easily.

Some dogs still persist in spitting out the pill, and other times these treats cannot be given due to dietary restrictions. In these cases, owners will need to administer the pill directly into their dog's mouth. To do so, VCA recommends first putting a dog in a safe, comfortable room in a corner so they cannot back up. Lubricate the pill with a small amount of margarine or butter, making it easier to slide down the throat. Hold the pill tightly, then gently grasp the dog's muzzle, putting your thumb behind its teeth on one side of the upper jaw. Once you have a firm grip, tilt the dog's head towards the ceiling and quickly place the pill as far back on the tongue as possible. Close its mouth and keep it closed until the dog licks its nose which is a sign that it is swallowing. At that point move the dog’s head back to normal position.