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My Lifeline - Rex

-Denise from Portland, OR
Pet Name: Rex

My grandmother's companion, Rex became my lifeline after my grandmother passed away. He was injured just months after she passed away. Nothing could happen to him. The staff at SE VCA treated Rex and me with love and compassion. He required surgery to his left year leg. The specialist's took time for him and ensured that his leg stability would return. Unfortunately an infection set in. Through out it all I was comforted and Rex was treated like a King. Even dropping him off for routine checks became a major ordeal as I cried just letting him go. Kristin who was working the front desk assured me that he was being well cared for. I can't thank the staff and doctors enough for taking such good care of Rex and me! Thank you just isn't enough, you are all truly angels.

Dr Bonnell

-peggy spencer and gaddy spencer from sandy, OR
Pet Name: Gaddy

We would like to thank Dr. Bonnell and staff for the excellant care of Gaddy at a scary time. I only wish you were closer so I could use your services all the time. Thanks again, Gad and Peg

My cats great care

-Sue Larson from Portalnd, OR
Pet Name: Finn

Had to take my cat in for blood in his urine. He was treated well and all cost were spelled out for me. They were reasonable. They even told me where to go to get the antibiotic at a decent price!! I know that emotions are involved with family members and some have written not so flattering messages. I will take my cats back to them! They are very caring people. I want to thank them for his care!

My Finn man

-sue larson from portland, OR
Pet Name: Finn Tutuloa

My cat Finn was real sick. Kidney problem. I am so grateful for their care and love they have given my cat. They walked me through what they needed to do to help him and also understood I don't have a lot of money to put out for his care. I got credit from Care credit which without he would not have been able to get help. I could not ask for any one more trust worthy to watch after him. Thank you to everyone there!! You are all angels!