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Saving Caddy The Greyhound

-GPA Northwest from Portland, OR
Pet Name: Caddy

Caddy, a gentle 3-1/2 year old retired racing Greyhound, suffered an injury to his right rear leg during a race in Jacksonville, Florida. His injury was never treated until he came to GPA Northwest here in Portland. He was in pain and could not walk on his damaged leg.

With the expertise of Dr. Ost, Caddy first underwent extensive surgery to try to save his leg. Despite amazing surgical work, unfortunately, the bone was too damaged and had started to deteriorate. They had no other option but to amputate the leg. So, on Nov. 19th Caddy had his back leg removed. Within hours he was up and hopping around, hardly noticing that he was on three legs. Without the pain of the injured leg, Caddy was able to get around nearly as fast as the four legged dogs in his foster home. His great personality made him a great patient and the surgery was so well done that he healed within two weeks.

Then early in April, an amazing family fell head-over-heals in love with Caddy and decided to take him into their home and into their hearts where he will remain forever. Currently, Caddy is adjusting to his new life quite nicely. His new family built him a special ramp so he has easier access to the back yard from the deck. There you can see Caddy playing and romping like any four-legged dog.

He has settled into his new routine at record speed. Caddy now knows when it's time for the girls in his new family to arrive home from school because then he knows he will get a walk to the park. He is spoiled with love, devotion and a safe place for him to spend the rest of his years, comfortable and happy thanks to the great care from the VCA Southeast Portland Animal Hospital surgical staff and Dr. Ost.

GPA Northwest finds homes for retired racing Greyhounds and VCA Southeast Portland Animal Hospital is one of our best resources for emergency and surgical care. We can always count on them when our dogs need help.

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-Jyl Smith from Portland, OR
Pet Name: Stretch

I don't live close in proximity to SE Portland VCA Pet hospital. My beloved cat loathed the car, but I knew a few extra minutes of her discomfort (read: wailing at the top of her lungs) was well worth going the extra miles. Because that's what I've found my experience working with the staff of VCA to be--they go the extra mile. They're also not the cheapest vet in town, but I've always believed in you get what you pay for--and isn't your pet worth the best? They are, simply put, the best, and I've tried out several other local vets until i found SE Portland (on referral from a friend who has a bazillion cats) and was able to stop searching. Not only do they have the resources and facility to perform tests and procedures in-house that a lot of other clinics can only make outside referrals for, they also they have compassionate, caring vets who's bottom line isn't about making a buck--it's truly about the comfort and care of your pet. I'm continually on a pretty tight budget and they've always worked wtih me to figure out what was essential for the well-being of my pets, and what could wait for another time. Truly, i cannot say enough about SE Portland Animal Hospital. From the front desk staff to the techs, they're all courteous and professional. I brought my cat there for years until sadly, her time had come. Dr. Rockstad (aka Dr. Rockstar!) gave me all the info i needed to make what would be the most difficult decision of my life. They even helped me to find a local vet who did house calls and who euthanized my cat in the comfort of our home--no need to do the traumatizing car ride in her final moments. They sent me a sympathy card after she passed, with every single vet's signature, and most of the staff, too. Those small signs of compassion really have made my experience that much better--even in such a time of sorrow. Now Dr. Rockstad helps care for my dog Stretch, who is thriving and who LOVES to go to the vet! She pulls me in the front door, no matter how many needle pricks may face her on the other side. (could have something to do with the treats they have at the reception counter....just sayin'....). I've worked with Dr. Currah and Dr. Holmes (who both saved my cat's life!), and they were awesome. And Dr. Bonnell did not cast judgment on me when my crazy dog got into some of my medication at 4am and i was convinced i had killed her and was a terrible, irresponsible mother. He helped to calm me down and assured me i hadn't just murdered my best friend. I rest better at night knowing these guys are at it 24/7....I've utilized their urgent care when i simply couldn't make it any other time, and their emergency care when the situation was critical. Kudos to all of you who work at SE Portland VCA--you are all truly ROCKSTARS! ;)

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-Cherylle McKee from Portland, OR
Pet Name: Romeo Mckee

Our poor poor Romeo. Something spooked him tonight while in the back of our truck while on his leash he jumped out getting dragged and run over. It happened in just a few seconds. We are blessed to have him home with us tonight, keep him in you prayers that he will have a full recovery, SPECIAL THANKS TO VCA SOUTHEAST PORTLAND ANIMAL HOSPITAL FOR EVERYTHING THEY HAVE DONE FOR US WHEN THEY COULD HAVE VERY EASILY TURNED US AWAY WITHOUT A LARGE LUMP SUM OF MONEY, HERE THE FOCUS WAS ABOUT THE DOG AND MAKING HIM COMFORTABLE. GOD BLESS YOU GUYS!

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-Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest from Portland, OR
Pet Name: Smoke

Smoke came to us from a racetrack with an injured rear leg. Her calcanious bone, which is the main heal bone, was torn from it's normal position and this made it hard for her to walk and very painful. This damage can be repaired surgically but is costly.

Smoke was seen by Dr. Petra Ost, an orthopedic surgery specialist, and surgery was performed to stabilize her ankle joint and make it possible for her to walk on her leg again without pain. There are many factors in the success for this surgery, mainly because the damage was several months ago and there has been a lot of tissue built up in the joint. That built up tissue can cause problems with the surgery and recovery so we will be very careful in her recovery and physical therapy. Fortunately, we have great orthopedic surgeons to rely on at VCA Southeast Portland Animal Hospital and they helped us do the best thing for Smoke.

It took several weeks of resting in a cast for the bones to heal and the leg to become strong again. Smoke tolerated the cast and wore it for about four weeks until it could be removed. Since her surgery, Smoke has recovered well and is walking on her leg again without pain. She worked on gaining strength and she was being allowed more activity each week. Her foster home enjoyed her company as she became a happy, healthy Greyhound again. Smoke had about 8 weeks time in recovery and was ready to start looking for her permanent home.

In January, Smoke met her new family at a Meet A Retired Racer Day in Clackamas, Oregon. It was love at first sight and she was adopted a few weeks later and is currently doing great. She walks well on her leg and is pain free again thanks to all the support of our Sponsors, her foster home and the great care and treatment at VCA Southeast Portland Animal Hospital.

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Boots lucky day

-Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest from Portland, OR
Pet Name: Boots

Boots is one of a litter of Greyhounds raised locally here in Oregon. His racing career ended when he broke his leg in early February 2010. His owner contacted us and we brought him back home to repair his injured leg and find him a home. He was a happy puppy the last time we saw him, playing roughly with his littermates. At that time he still had "boots" on his feet and legs. Now that he is grown up, his boots are gone but his friendly, outgoing personality remains.

After an examination and x-rays with our orthopedic specialist, Dr. Petra Ost at VCA Southeast Portland Animal Hospital, it was discovered that Boots had actually broken his leg twice. In a race in August 2009, he came up limping and finished last. That corresponded to a fractured Tarsal bone in his hock (rear leg). He was allowed by his racing trainer to heal and started running again in late January 2010, then broke his leg in a different place on February 12th, 2010. The second break was more serious because it displaced the bone in his ankle that holds the tendon and operates his foot. That left him with a dropped foot and in some pain.

The x-ray images showed the broken Tarsal bone and the displaced Calcanious bone in Boots leg. The side view showed clearly that the Calcanious was at an angle, instead of being in a straight line with the foot. The Top view also showed a second fracture in the calcanious bone on the right side, called a Slab Fracture. The high quality x-ray technology at VCA SEPAH allowed us and the surgeon to see exactly what damage had been done and how to best repair it.

The older break in the Tarsal bone was already calcified and could not be repaired. The displaced calcanious bone was able to be corrected and that is the most important to give Boots good mobility and a pain-free life.

Our orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Petra Ost of VCA Southeast Portland Animal Hospital, moved into action and did surgery on Boots the very next day. She was able to completely straighten his calcanious (ankle bone) and stabilize the whole joint with a pin. This is great news for Boots and meant that, once healed, he will have excellent mobility in that leg and no pain. He won't race again but he can run and play like the three year old that he is.

Boots found his home with a great family who just love him. He has another Greyhound to play with and will be able to visit other Greyhounds often. His future is full of fun and happiness now and his leg is doing great thanks to his excellent diagnosis and treatment.

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Shy Miss and her broken leg

-Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest from Portland, OR
Pet Name: Shy Miss

Shy Miss is littermate to Boots, one of our special needs Greyhounds who recently found his home. Shy, like Boots, broke her rear leg and required surgery to repair the break. She has had a special plate installed to support the bones in her leg until they fully heal. She is no longer Shy and has become a very outgoing and fun three year old.

Shy had a broken and displaced Tarsal bone and her Calcanious bone, the main ankle bone, was twisted out of position. The break was unstable and causing her pain and making it hard for her to walk. Our orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Petra Ost of VCA SEPAH, corrected the deformity of the joint and attached a metal plate to the bones to allow them to heal in the correct position. Once Shy healed, she was able to walk comfortably again. No more racing but a fine retired life awaits Shy.

Shy has found her home for life and was adopted just before Christmas 2010. She will be enjoying her new home and companions for many years to come thanks to her surgery and great care at VCA SEPAH.

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Salty and the mouse hole

-Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest from Portland, OR
Pet Name: Salty

Salty was playing in the yard of her foster home and her front foot got caught in a mouse hole in the ground. The force broke several bones in her foot, which needed to be repaired surgically by an orthopedic specialist. We took her to our favorite place, VCA SEPAH to see our favorite surgeon, Dr. Petra Ost. Salty spent eight weeks in a cast recovering from her surgery.

Greyhounds learn to run on a carefully prepared surface and don't realize that there could be obstacles or rough spots where they place their feet. Salty was running as usual and a small hole was all it took to break the small bones in her foot. These bones are difficult to repair because they are small and the dog constantly uses their leg, placing stress on the healing bones. She had plates and pins surgically inserted into the broken bones to repair the damage and allow them to heal. Salty did very well and was seen by the surgeon for follow up's during her recovery process. These costs are high but the surgery enabled Salty to run and play again. Without the help of VCA SEPAH, Salty would have lost her leg or her life to this injury. After a life racing, it would have been a terrible loss for everyone to have her life cut short just when she started her retirement.

Salty's surgery was a complete success and she is now playing and back to normal activity. She is a great dog and found a great home thanks to all who helped and supported her and thanks to her excellent surgeon.

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Jester gets his leg fixed

-Greyhound Pet Adoption Northwest from Portland, OR
Pet Name: Jester

Jester is a beautiful red brindle two year old who broke his leg racing in Florida. His leg was originally splinted at the time of the injury, but healed improperly. After a consultation with Dr. Petra Ost of VCA SEPAH, there was no expectation that the break could mend so that Jester could use it in any way, so on March 6 2011, Jester had surgery to make his leg functional. He now has a plate stabilizing the area and is well into his recuperation. Being a bit of a whiner and a 2 year old, Jester gets bored with confinement but all he really needs is to lay on a bed somewhere where so he can be in the middle of the action and he's content.

Jester is a very loving, affectionate Greyhound and much like a child likes to drape himself on anything close by while talking to you with his eyes. While he won't be a candidate for jogging or long hikes, Jester is going to make someone a very special companion. Huge thanks to VCA SEPAH and Dr. Ost for giving Jester his leg and a life free from pain.

VCA Saves Christmas and a Sheltie

-Lori Shown from Troutdale, OR
Pet Name: Star

Early Christmas morning, my beautiful yet mischievous 5-year-old Sheltie, Star, swiped a bunch of grapes from the kitchen table. Thankfully, I realized the crime almost immediately and was on the phone to VCA Southeast. I was advised to come in ASAP. Not knowing if my 16-year-old Sheltie, Spirit, was in on the crime, I rushed them both to the hospital where they were treated with speed and concern by a staff of very caring people. Thank you, VCA, for being there and for being so competent and sensitive to canine and owner. I keep your phone number on my fridge. :)

My Dog Ate Poison

-Nancy W from Gresham, OR
Pet Name: Gemini

When my 9lb Chihuahua mixed dog licked up some Ivermectin Dewormer my horse spit out, I didn't even know it!! At the time I did not know what poison she had gotten into. I was thinking Anti-Freeze!!! I took her to our regular Vet at the Gresham Animal Hospital, close by, and they started treatment for her! They did not think it was Anti-Freeze, but they closed at 6PM! The DVM told me about VCA Animal Hospital, at 139th and Stark St. in Portland, OR, for 24/7 care! My dog was so sick and we thought she was going to die! We took her to VCA intending to have them euthanize her; so she would not suffer any longer!!! I was crushed! But the DVM there asked us to give them a chance to help her! She did not think it was Anti-Freeze poisoning either!! They said her symptoms looked more like Ivermectin poisoning and they thought they could help her. We left Gemini there overnight for supportive treatment! Thank GOD! She pulled through and is now home. She has some residual effects from the poisoning right now, but they may resolve over time! We are so happy they convinced us to try to save her! Gemini is the light of our lives! Thank you Gresham Animal Clinic and VCA at 139th and Stark, Southeast Portland, OR!