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Published: Jul 19, 2011

Summer is a popular time to travel, but it can also get quite pricey, especially if a pet owner wants to bring a dog along with them. However, many locations have some great activities for both owners and their furry friends to do that will be enjoyable and won't break the bank, according to the Miami Herald.

Pet owners should locate a good hiking area or national park nearby and take their four-legged companion there for the day. The exercise will be beneficial for both the owner and the canine's health. Another idea is to go to a local beach or lake where the pooch and the owner can swim, according to the news source.

It is important to remember to take an animal for its annual exam at the veterinarian before embarking on summer activities. This will ensure that its pet health is up to the challenge, the media outlet reports.

These summer months can cause temperatures to soar, and it is important to ensure that a pooch stays hydrated at all times, according to the ASCPA. In addition, knowing the symptoms of a pet in danger of overheating - excessive panting, increased heart rate, and weakness - can help it stay healthy.