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Published: Nov 16, 2011

Most dogs will groom themselves but as they age, they may feel less inclined to do so due to painful ailments like arthritis. In such circumstances, owners need to take the reins and groom their dogs to keep their coat and skin healthy, according to

Along with a dog's lack of enthusiasm for grooming, their skin and coat may also change as they get older. Coats that were once silky and healthy may now be flaky and dry. On the opposite end of the spectrum, aging dogs skin might also become oily and greasy.

To combat this, owners will need to find dog shampoos that treat their dog's specific skin woes. A thick, soothing shampoo may be best for dogs with dry skin, while an oil-free shampoo might work for dogs with greasy coats. When bathing, owners should be sure to feel around their dogs' bodies to check for any lumps or bumps. These can be anything from fatty deposits to cancerous tumors, so if one is discovered, an owner should bring their dog to the veterinarian health clinic.

VCA Animal Hospitals reports that owners should check with their vet to see how often baths are necessary, as some breeds require more or less maintenance than others.