VCA South Hadley Animal Hospital Testimonials

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-Johanna Pieciak from Chicopee, MA
Pet Name: Ike

Sadly last night, 7.26.10, My family had to put our beloved cat Ike down. We discovered he had possibly been hit by a car. Without calling first, my husband rushed him to the South Hadley VCA. After the doctor examined Ike the heartwrenching decision was made.Everyone at the South Hadley VCA could not have been more compassionate and helpful. They went out of their way to assist my husband and son, both emotionally and financially. They truly went above and beyond. You could certainly tell their hearts were in it and it was not just about money. One of the nurses even drew hearts on the box we took Ike home in.We initially discovered South Hadley VCA when we adopted our American Eskimo, Casper, from TJ Oconnor.They give you a free check up there. While we had a vet in Chicopee, after going there for the good, and the bad, we will continue to visit South Hadley VCA with our "kids". They truly do make you and your pets, feel like family. Thank You SHVCA, you made an awful situation a little bit bearable. We are grateful. The Pieciak Family.

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The Best Cage Side Manner EVER

-Laura and Jason from East Longmeadow, MA
Pet Name: Felix and Patch

On behalf of Jason and myself, I just wanted to extend my sincerest gratitude towards THE ENTIRE staff at VCA South Hadley.

We own two guinea pigs, and we have been seeing the veterinarians & veterinary technicians at South Hadley for two years now.

Dr. Benner saved the life of Felix on a couple of different occasions where he otherwise would have passed quickly due to sudden respiratory illness, and we cannot thank him and the techs enough for their compassion, expertise, and steadfastness in treating him and our other furball, Patch.

Although there is a VCA only one mile from where Jason lives in East Longmeadow, we choose to go the extra 10 miles out of the way because of how WONDERFUL and gentle-hearted Dr. Benner, Dr. Hrones, Sue, Francesca, and all the techs at VCA are in always squeezing us in when there's an emergency or something that needs immediate attention.

On behalf of Felix, Patch, Jason, and myself--from the bottom of our hearts, THANK-YOU! You all have the BEST "cage-side" manner in dealing with our small mammals and we would never think to go ANYWHERE else.

Extraordinary compassionate and caring staff

-Tink's Humans from South Hadley, MA
Pet Name: Tink

Losing a family member is so heart breaking, especially when your animal is struck by a hit & run driver. It seems people are so cruel but then you are taken care of by the professional and compassionate staff at VCA, So. Hadley. It made the loss of our pet, our rescue girl, Miss Tink. a little easier to accept. Dr. Hrones words of comfort really helped; she reminded us we gave Tink the best life as she was rescue from LA. and abused before we got her. We lost a pet five years ago from a speeding hit & run driver and as with our first pet, we were treated with compassion and respect.We are so blessed to have a staff and hospital like VCA South Hadley in our area. Thank all at So. Hadley animal hospital at this difficult time for our family.

Very Caring

-S.A. from Westfield, MA
Pet Name: Kitty

I was very glad that Dr. Benner helped very much with helping to put my cat to sleep when she was on her last legs due to old age when she was feeling sick due to her old age. He truly understands that a animal will eventually get sick when its older and can no longer function. It was the right choice for me to make to have the cat put to sleep when it can no longer function when its very old. My cat was 18 years old when she was getting sick and can no longer function. Thank you, Dr. Benner for being very patience and helpful to us. If anyone has a animal that is sick due to old age, it would be a wise choice to have an animal put to sleep rather than having an animal suffering for the rest of its life.

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-Andria from formerly Northampton, MA
Pet Name: Kappa

Dr. Benner at the VCA South Hadley was my vet for the whole time I've lived in Massachusetts. He is very knowledgeable about birds and is the only Avian Certified vet in the Pioneer Valley. His staff are wonderful people and even the vet techs who don't know much about birds want to learn and do so quickly. I am writing this review today in particular though, because it is the one-year anniversary from when Dr. Benner saved the life of my bird by being open at 7:30pm on the night before Thanksgiving. Based on the symptoms I described alone, he immediately diagnosed her illness as being a bacterial infection and gave us antibiotics. A culture and sensitivity confirmed this, and the specific species of bacteria showed that it was caused by mice invading our house! My bird Kappa responded quickly to the antibiotics, and I responded quickly by T&R-ing the mice.

Thank you Dr. Benner and all the VCA S Hadley staff for being open late the night before Thanksgiving last year (2011), for giving us such wonderful care and service through the years I lived in MA, and for probably saving Kappa's life.