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Wonderful Staff

-Joe and Tammy from Arroyo Grande, CA

We had a very sick little puppy last year and if it wasn't for the caring staff at VCA in Arroyo Grande she wouldn't have made it. Everyone from the front desk staff to our puppy's doctor made that extra effort and put in the time and skill to nurse her back to health. Our dogs and cats will always be in the care of the VCA staff.

The best

-Fran from Arroyo Grande, CA
Pet Name: Thor

Dr. Paulick has been grooming and treating my macaw for years.Thor, my macaw, has always been scared when going to the vets. Thor loves it there. He loves Dr. Paulick and the entire staff. He had serious health problems once and was treated so well. I feel I might have lost him if not for the wonderful help at VCA. We are treated like family there.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, are the best.

Thank you Dr. Paulick and the entire staff.We are lucky to have you.



-Jerry Eddins from Oceano, CA
Pet Name: Todo

I recently had to take my cat in for an injury. I was so distraught because it was Todos' first time.
The Doctor and tech (Colleen) made me feel like every thing was o.k. from minute one.
This staff is the best, I was truly blessed. Thank-you so much.

Caring for Scout

-Bacon's from Arroyo Grande, CA
Pet Name: scout

Dr. Dennis and Vet Tech Colleen there so caring, warm and kind always there for Scout when we need them.


-Rita Blackburn from Arroyo Grande, CA

This past Saturday we had to take in our Rocko, we have had Rocko since he was 4 months old, he was now 17. He had developed a bad cough and we took him in to see Dr. Dennis, the support and compassion he showed for Rocko was amazing. He was very ill and we had to make the decision to let our beloved Rocko go. The honesty and reassurance from Dr. Dennis was heartfelt. It was one of the most difficult things we had to do and we are glad we went to this facility for this situation. Dr. Dennis even called us later in the day. Thank you

Dr. Dennis is Compassion Personified

-Michelle Ellis from Arroyo Grande, CA
Pet Name: Lucy

Yesterday, I had to put my 14 year old cat, Lucy, down. She was dying of organ failure. Dr. Dennis was so comforting and compassionate! I was heartbroken, and he made me feel much comfort with my decision and made it as non-traumatic as it could possibly be. It is a rare practitioner (veterinary and human) who brings such grace to their profession. He helped me with my decisions and treated my beautiful Lucy as if she were his own. When I visit the shelters in July in search of a new companion, I will immediately take her to see Dr. Dennis at VCA. God Bless you, Dr. Dennis. You are well-suited for what you do, and I will NEVER forget you or your wonderful staff.

Pet Image

The best

-M. from Arroyo Grande, CA
Pet Name: Chaos and Bel

Two years ago when our cat Chaos got in a fight and got an abscess on his head, we took him here. He had it drained, by Doctor P. and Dr. Jacques both saw him and he healed up perfectly.

This week when our cat Bel was not feeling well, I knew to take her here because of the amazing staff. Doctor Jacques is a kind and compassionate vet, and the vet techs we saw were also knowledgeable and compassionate. They helped us figure out what was wrong with Bel, and make sure she was made comfortable at the end, when we had to make the difficult decision of putting her to sleep.

Dr. Jacques reassured us that we made the right decisions, and the procedure was carried out in a very caring and compassionate way. Everyone who works here clearly loves animals and wants to help them get the best care. We will always be indebted to the staff here for making sure Bel was so well taken care of up until the very end.

Dr. Paulick and Dr. Dennis are the BEST

-Nicole Wiemholt from Grover Beach, CA
Pet Name: Kayla, Scout, Shoe, Jeffrey, and Patch

I have been coming to VCA in AG for a long time and would never go anywhere else. I have one border collie and four cats. I also foster kittens/cats for Animal Services. I have never met any vet as compassionate, caring, and understanding as Dr. Paulick & Dr. Dennis. They are great with all animals and the crazy owners like me. I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone!

Thank You

-Ms. Betsy Matich from Santa Maria, CA
Pet Name: Roland

I had my life-long friend, Roland, put down. Roland was 20+, and I loved him dearly. I had a difficult time because I would have preferred him to die a natural death. However, my lovely daughter gently worked with me to let go. Not only was VCA South County Animal Hospital sensitive to my needs, but they sent me a card within a week expressing their sorrow. VCA's staff is sensitive, professional, kind, and most of all sincere. Everything you could want in a hospital.

Pet Image

Thank you

-John from Arroyo Grande, CA
Pet Name: PINKI

It is never easy to put a pet down who has been part of your family for over 10 years. I had to do that with my cat Pinki. I would like to thank Dr. Drazsnzak and the entire staff for making the process as easy as possible for me when that time came. The entire procedure was explained to me and I was allowed as much time as I needed. Thank you