VCA Snohomish Animal Hospital Testimonials

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-Michelle Sparks from Shoreline, WA
Pet Name: Joey

We went to VCA Snohomish for the first time this week. I took my Boxer, Joey, for lab work and an exam. Joey is my senior Boxer boy who has kidney insufficiency and nerve impingement in his hind legs making it difficult/impossible to stand up or walk on his back legs. Not only was everyone at VCA polite but they also helped me get him into the office and back out to the car. Dr. Martinson and her hospital manager and the girl at the front desk were thorough, accommodating, polite, very kind to my dogs and helpful and supportive to me. Joey is the love of my life and his body is starting to fail. I bring his bodyguard, Twinks, the Chihuahua, to all of Joey's doctor visits and therapies and the staff at VCA even gave her cookies and carried her out to the car since my hands were full carrying Joey in the sling. My dogs and I had a very positive experience here. Thank you. Michelle Sparks

Great Integrative Care

-Megan Anderson from Tulalip, WA

Our previous vet moved out-of-state & recommended Dr. Martinson. I'm very glad he did! Our 3 senior dogs benefit from her integrative approach. (She's helping them with acupuncture & herbs tailored to their individual needs.) Although my dogs are older, she'd also be a great resource for younger pets too.

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I Love Snohomish VCA

-Stephen Maynard from Snohomish, WA
Pet Name: Little Ricky

My family fell in love with Snohomish Animal Hospital the first day we came here, back in 1984. Snohomish VCA has the most awesome vets you'll ever meet, and the most loving vet techs I've ever experienced. Most recently, they helped us turn one of the saddest days of our lives into a beautiful and sacred experience, when our beloved cat Little Ricky passed away. Ricky lived more than 8 years with FIV. That's a miracle in itself. But through the loving and devoted care of Snohomish VCA's vets, techs, receptionists, and staff he lived a healthy and joyous life every single day, and for that we are forever grateful.

Best Vet of my rather long and pet filled life

-Dave McCauley from Granite Falls, WA
Pet Name: KodaBearMac

I have had VCA Snohomish as the only vet my three dogs (each in their own time) have ever seen for the last 13 years. This is the best vet experience I have had in fifty years of pet ownership. Many staff professionals (from the docs to support, ALL are true professionals) have been there from my first visit. Each dogs time with me was enhanced and I feel lengthened thru the care and quality of life they enjoyed. The icing on this cake is the boarding facilities which I use often when traveling. In the past I never had a situation where my dogs actually (and I'm not making this up!) enjoyed going to the vet. Three completely different temperaments and they were only too happy to go in every time and for whatever reason the visit was necessary. That alone speaks to how well my buddies were treated. The cost of care here is well in line with other vets in our area (I have compared costs). So given the overall quality of that care, the billing schedule is commensurate with the value received. You DO get what you pay for here and my happy guys will attest to that!

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BIG help!

-Cowboy from Snohomish, WA
Pet Name: Cowboy

Tuff times lately and last Saturday was such a help. I have been using VCA for my pooch since I moved to Snohomish two years ago. Last year we were treated to a free nail trim because they have a punch card system. I never asked how many nail trims until you get a free one, and still don’t know. What I do know is these ladies are awesome. I had the first day off in a long time where they were open, and like usual broke between checks. I called to see if I was due for my free nail trim if they still had a punch card….She said “sure, bring him in” I don’t even know if I was, kinda even doubt it. They took him in any way! On top of that (being broke) I was out of coffee. So when I brought him in and seen their Keurig machine I was relieved of my lack of caffeine headache. It turned out to be the best Saturday for me in a long time. Thank you!