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Published: Apr 14, 2011

Chronic kidney failure in cats involves the slow loss of kidney function, which is detrimental to a feline's health. Though the illness is one of the leading causes of death among older cats, there are treatments available that can help a four-legged companion avoid total kidney failure, according to ABC affiliate WTVQ.

Currently, chronic kidney failure in cats is treated by altering an animal's diet, encouraging the feline to consume more water or through medication. Additionally, kidney transplant operations are available in dire circumstances.

"Many pet owners love their cats as if they were children and will go to great lengths to save them from disease or illness," the news source reports. "For cats with chronic kidney failure, one possible option is a kidney transplant."

Just like humans, cats can become kidney donors, and typically will be able to function with their remaining kidney. According to the news source, such transplants are successful 80 to 90 percent of the time.

Those who are concerned about their cat companion's health should visit a VCA veterinarian as soon as possible. The vet can discuss potential treatment options for various illnesses common among felines.