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Finally found a animal hospital that cares

-Amy from Ocean, NJ
Pet Name: Boomer

It's taken me 3 visits to 3 animal hospitals to find the one I will stay with. Dr Mags and Kara could not have been more caring and helpful! Thank you! I now know if my pets have any problems I can feel secure that they are in great hands! Thank you Dr Mags and Kara!!!

Wonderful Staff and Vets

-Client from Shrewsbury, NJ

Absolutely wonderful staff and Vets! I always get the best care for my pets and know that they are in good hands at Shrewsbury Animal Hospital. Rachel, Jayla, and Kaitlin are always so pleasant and helpful and I appreciate their outstanding customer service - always with a smile! Thanks for being so special. :)

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The BEST Boarding in New Jersey

-St Lucy's Mom from Hazlet, NJ
Pet Name: Lucy

My Lucy is 4, and she has never slept anywhere but home. We decided to go away to Florida for a week. I interviewed and reviewed 6 different dog boarding places. It wouldn't be right to list them. I do recall one that was so high scale in $$ that they did NOT permit any blankets or toys (all was rubberized in the cage and they even had fake grass). But when we met Ira and he gave my son Michael and I a tour. We love the place and the people. They had a few dogs boarding at that time and when they saw Ira they went crazy happy. That is when we decide on Shrewsbury Animal Hospital Boarding. The price was very reasonable and Ann in the office explained all in detail due to it was our 1st time. While I was away I called into Ira and he gave me updates on Lucy. She was timid he said but she was fine. My appreciation goes out to the whole TEAM at Shrewsbury Animal Hospital. They are all wonderful caring people. KEEP UP THE GREAT JOB !!

Best animal care anywhere

-Joanne O'Connell from Long Branch, NJ
Pet Name: zoe

The wonderful people at Shrewsbury Animal Hospital have been caring for my pets for many years. The entire office staff is pleasant, cheerful, and helpful. They were all so kind to us, especially during traumatic times of serious illness and death of our beloved animal friends. I can never thank Dr. Cianci enough for coming to our home to care for our greyhound Spirit during his terminal illness. He was not able to tolerate the car trip to the office. Because of Dr. Cianci we were able to keep him comfortable at home until his last day. Our cat Zoe was seriously ill recently. We had given up hope. Thanks to Dr. Orr, Zoe is greatly improved and making a nuisance of herself again. Dr. Matthews was especially kind when our greyhound Dusty passed away. I would recommend them to anyone who cares about animals.

Our Fears Were Unnecessary

-Pat Gatti from Howell, NJ
Pet Name: SPANKY

Dear Dr. Cianci, My wife Diana and I want to thank you for the excellent care you provided for Spanky yesterday, 8/5/13. As you are aware, we had a bad experience with the dental treatment performed by another hospital on Little Bear. It left us very reluctant to have the same procedure performed on Spanky. We appreciate the professionalism and love you displayed with Spanky. When we picked him up last night, he was alert and happy to see us, even after all he had been through. This morning he took a large drink of water and then ate a meal of soft canned food and small pieces of boiled chicken breast. He has been urinating normally and did have a bowel movement last evening, when we took him for a very slow walk. He did sleep a little more than usual during the day, but seems normal otherwise. Thanks again for taking such good care of our ninth "child" (we have 7 children between us and of course, Little Bear - our eighth "child".) Sincerely, Pat & Diana Gatti

Shrewsbury Animal Hospital come through again

-Pat and Diana Gatti from HOWELL, NJ
Pet Name: Little Bear

Dear Dr. Cianci and staff, My wife Diana and I want to thank you once again for the excellent care you provided for Little Bear. As you are aware, we had a bad experience with the dental treatment performed by another hospital on Little Bear's teeth. It left us very reluctant for a long time, to have the same procedure performed on him again. When we picked him up, he was alert and ready to go home. He ate his evening meal with his usual enthusiasm and behaved normally on his walk. The next day he behaved as he normally does. We will not hesitate to have his teeth cleaned again, when it becomes necessary. Sincerely, Pat & Diana Gatti

Excellent care

-A. Ferber from Middletown, NJ

Dr. Cianci and his colleagues at Shrewsbury Animal Hospital have been taking care of our 4 cats-Mom and her three offspring - almost since birth over 19 yrs ago. Over the years they have flourished despite the usual cat illnesses under your attentive and skillful care. You and your professional and office staff have invariably been courteous and helpful. All four of our cats have been long-lived, having lived into their 19th year, or early 90's in human terms; their longevity is their best testimonial to your excellent care. We all thank you.