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Published: May 23, 2011

A stray dog was grabbed up by an eagle and dropped a fair distance landing on the front lawn of a nursing home, according to the Vancouver Sun.

The toy poodle sustained a couple of injuries due to her fall, including broken ribs and large marks form the talons, but some of the worse damaged occurred before the accident. The little pooch has decaying teeth and her nails are growing into her paws, according to the media outlet.

Now, the SPCA and local animal shelters are giving her the medical and emotional attention she needs. Once she recovers, they will be put her up for adoption.

"May's survived so much, the least we can do is find her a good home," SPCA official Lorie Chortyk told the news source. "If anyone deserves a happy ending it's her."

Pet adoption is something that every prospective dog or cat owner should consider. According to the Humane Society, 19 percent of dogs who currently have homes in the U.S. were adopted from animal shelters.